Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring break visitors

Wheeww once we got back from our fun trip to A-town we had a few days to rest.  But no rest for long as my cousin Kim and her family were stopping in for a quick mini trip!  Thankfully Oklahoma had spring break the week after Texas, otherwise our zoo trip would have been a bust.  Kim, her hubby Vance, and their son Gregory only had about a day and half for family time over spring break.  Miss H and I are so happy they wanted to come here and visit.

Our big plans…well to go to the zoo of course!  I mean who doesn't love the zoo!! HA, ha  We had a blast it was so fun sharing our zoo with them.  Miss H loves them and still watches a video we took at the zoo where Gregory was chatting to her!  I am pretty sure we will meet up with them again very soon as Miss H ask when we see grrory (her attempt at Gregory) again!!  I love it  Here are some pics from our fun.

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