Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dinner & a murder?

Have you ever had dinner and a murder?  This weekend Chris and I with some good friends Carrie and Kip got to enjoy a fun little dinner.  We all headed out to the Gaylord after a long day of tennis.  Carrie and I had set up a “Mystery Dinner” when we were at the Gaylord in June.  Okay well we got the dinner set up for us due to awful service from my bachelorette party weekend.  Long story really!!! (Thanks to my wonderful sister) We arrived around 7 and enjoyed the dinner. Then at 8 o’clock the show began.  IMG_0119

Kip and CarrieIMG_0120 IMG_0121

We were on strict guidelines….not to have too much fun because we had tennis early in the morning! Here we are being GOOD!!!  IMG_0123

Chris and I  IMG_0124

And the CAST with us!!!  They were very nice and took pictures with everyone there. 

 Who do you think was the murder?IMG_0125

The murder mystery was very enjoyable to watch.  The setting was Fort Worth back in the good old days.  The characters were very funny.  They had many punch lines that used modern day problems; aka Lindsay Lohan and many more. We all had an enjoyable time…great friends, good food, and entertainment too!  If you live close by and want some fun head over for dinner with murder on the side.

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