Sunday, August 22, 2010

My 6th First Day of School!!! Yippeee

Sorry I have been the worst blogger ever...but I have a few reasons for it.

First of all I have been crazy busy working in my classroom.  The last week has been spent learning new ropes, since I am now a new school.  I have been welcomed in with such warmth from all of my new faculty members.  I have seen new light, new ways, and new ideas.  I can tell that this year is going to be very amazing.  This year will be very different from my past 5 years of teaching.  However, I will put this out there....I am very thankful to have had my first job at Contreras. If I had not taught there first I would have never know what "real" teaching was like.  My new school tends to spoil their teachers a bit lot, I don't think they have any idea really how lucky they are. Between the PTA and my principal I have received more goodies this year than ALL 5 years at Contreras.  Really it is crazy, just crazy.

Thus tomorrow begins my 6th First Day of school, yet my 1st First Day of Second Grade at Lily B.  I told Mr. Amazing this year would be exciting.  I know that the kiddos will be fun to teach and ready to learn.  It will also be fun to learn another grade level....I am now very skilled in K and 1, but soon 2nd also!!  I also spent this afternoon putting the finishing touches to my class blog.  Yes, folks you heard me!!  My principal is very pro TECHNOLOGY!!!  It is wonderful, because I too love technology.  I mean heck she text messages us almost as much as emailing.  FWISD had a web page provided for each teacher, however it is NOT user friendly at all.  Instead I have posted my blog link to my FWISD web page and away we go!!!!   I can't wait for the kids to get to post blogs on there too.  I think the parents will really enjoy our blog better than a stinky web page that holds very little items. 

Now for my OTHER REASON EXCUSE for not blogging that much lately.  I am having MAJOR computer issues.  Mr. Amazing of course blames that on the fact that I take 1000's of pictures.  He claims that I should move them to our external hard drive.  I agree with this but, just as soon as I do move them...I will need one or something.  Yes, I have taken and moved all of the pictures over to the external hard drive.  Yet, still my computer will not stop freezing up every 2 seconds.  His next suggestion of course was to use the Mac for blogging!!! YIKES, my windows life does not agree with Mac talk...I um well am not a pro at using that thing.  Thus I sit waiting every 2 seconds for my computer to stop freezing...and blog between issues! HA   I was hoping Mr. Amazing would help me you know by getting a new computer...thus far no such luck.  I hope that I can blog more and better in the future! Ha!!! (oh and this is also the reason you do see any pictures of my classroom...I will try to post later)

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