Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Encore Celebration

On Saturday, August 7th Chris and I enjoy our Encore Celebration.  This was our celebration for all our friends and family that could not join us at the wedding.  Originally I thought we would have a few guest like 80 or so….MAN WAS I WRONG!!!  Before Chris and I even left for our wedding we already had 80 RSVP’s to the Encore.  I couldn’t believe how many friends and family were joining us.  I believe by the end of the night we had about 135 people roll through the party!!

To me this party was even more challenging to plan than the wedding.  You know for the wedding mom, Abby, and I planned it all in ONE day! YIPPEE!!! When we were on our “scouting” trip.  Now for the Encore Celebration I have been planning a while.  We had our celebration at a Los Vaqueros in the Stock yards.  I picked this location simply because every year our teacher organization has and end of the year party there.  I have always enjoyed that party and the food….then I thought heck lets party hear.  Their location is simply perfect for events like this.  Plus it is located in the Stock yards which offers a tourist like feel for our out of town guest. 

No for the planning….my poor mom!  She didn’t get to really “decorate” for the wedding so I gave her the back home party.  I know how much she loves to decorate and with her AMAZING help it turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!  We spent the morning decorating the room.  It began as a big pile and ended as a masterpiece.  My family always has a way of making everything work out. 

The party was wonderful….Chris and I were so excited to see everyone.  I loved getting to wear my dress again!!!  We couldn’t have asked for a better turn out.  Oh and did I mention that my sister rented us a PHOTO BOOTH (I wanted one but thought it was too much money….so she was kind enough to give it to us)?  Honesty the BEST MONEY ever spent.  We had such a blast in that thing…pretty sure I was hogging it too!  Check out all the super cute pics too!  Brian Capshaw at Photo booth Planet was so kind to provide his booth for our event!!!

Enjoy the photos…oh I am sure there are too many! HA These are the PRE-PARTY shots!  When we were setting up!!Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 208 Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 220 Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 222 Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 224 Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 225 Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 226 Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 227 Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 233 Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 234 Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 238 Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 242 Here are the shots from the party with guest!!!  Oh and the photo booth!

Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 246

Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 274 chris emery and katheryn family mom mom dad Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 259 Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 262 Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 270 Aunties Ft. Worth Reception 2712010_08_07-21_41_56_strip 2010_08_07-21_42_36_strip 2010_08_07-20_00_33_strip 2010_08_07-20_08_03_strip 2010_08_07-20_10_05_strip 2010_08_07-20_11_17_strip 2010_08_07-20_12_30_strip 2010_08_07-20_13_30_strip 2010_08_07-20_19_17_strip 2010_08_07-20_21_31_strip 2010_08_07-20_23_12_strip 2010_08_07-20_45_19_strip 2010_08_07-21_16_36_strip 2010_08_07-21_17_36_strip 2010_08_07-21_31_40_strip 2010_08_07-21_37_09_strip 2010_08_07-21_40_41_strip

2010_08_07-23_04_11_strip 2010_08_07-22_19_06_strip 2010_08_07-22_20_55_strip 2010_08_07-22_27_43_strip 2010_08_07-22_28_13_strip 2010_08_07-22_29_42_strip 2010_08_07-22_30_11_strip 2010_08_07-22_34_25_strip I love this one of my dad and I! He is so stinking cute…2010_08_07-22_54_02_strip

Oh and we had to get the crutches in one too!!2010_08_07-23_01_24_stripReally I could keep going…but I am sure you would like me to stop! HA We love the PHOTO BOOTH!!! 

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Melissa said...

I love the photo booth photos. You can see everyone was having a great time. Photo booths are so much fun and what great photo mementos to have for the years to come.