Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My room....

Okay all! I have taken a few minutes out of my CrAzY night to post up some pics of my classroom. (not that you asked, but I love my new HUGE room!!)  I took these on the 2nd day, so we have a few things out of place.  However for the most part you can see it all.  By no means is my room at 100 percent complete!  We still have a few things to add here and there, but I need the kids help for that! Oh I forgot to take pics of my DOOR on the outside, so I will do that tomorrow and try to post them soon! Have a nice day!!

Here you go!

the view from my classroom door
the view from the back corner by my teacher table, I love the 4 huge windows too

the kids lockers and such...
a close up of our birthday bags...on Friday we will added each kids name to their birthday month....they really enjoy seeing all the birthdays

our behavior chart, rules, and a few reading strategies (oh and the poorly place clock, had to have been a man that did this one)

our library center....ready for some reading! As I get the other centers up and running you will see pics!

the front of the FAVORITE teaching tool!!!  My PROMETHEAN BOARD!!!  I really couldn't teach without it and wonder how I did it those first 3 years

Oh and of course I have to brain wash my kiddos...OU, baby!!! Every time my kids LOG OUT for bathroom they can see that wonderful shirt! Ha!!


Abby said...

I think it looks great! I especially love that you turned the desk into tables, resourceful!

If you need an Aggie shirt for your wall. Hope you have a scratch free day!

Kara said...

Agree with Abby...looks great. You probably need a double t shirt too! no texas though. that should be the message..."here are your options, but texas should never be one of them!"

Alyssa said...

So jealous of the big room! Very nice!

Gouldsmith5 said...

You do have a huge room. I am cracking up at the lockers! Ummm we have a coat rack thank you very much! My room looks bigger this year because I only have 21 kids and not 30! Enjoy your year!