Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This week I have been working on updating my passport.  You see I just renewed my passport in April of 2009.  I was so excited to just fill out a silly form and be done....NO NO NO!  Well after my research last night I was heartbroken.  Okay maybe not heartbroken, more annoyed than anything.

In case you are a newlywed who needs to ONLY change your LAST NAME....please read this!  If you just got your passport and it is less than 1 year old....RUN RUNNN RUNNNNNN to the post office now and renew that sucker.  Why?  Well if you don't do within a year of it being issued to you, you are SCREWED!

Go ahead look at my picture up top and just note...SCREWED!  Mine is 2 years old so now I am LUCKY enough to get to pay the RENEWAL fee for wanting to change my last name.  Here is how SCREWED I am :

  • renewal fee for passport $111.00
  • fee for a new picture (gosh knows my 2 year old one wont work) $10.00
  • fees for sending all of this certified mail.....RIDICULES
Please I beg you, even if you never plan on using that pass port in the next year....go get it fixed while it is FREE.  Just a little helpful hint to all you newlyweds.  Sadly I'll be handing my next pay check over to the passport agency! BLAH!

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Amber said...

Ugh, that sucks! What a hassle, I'm sorry girl :(