Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun little weekend

Well Chris and I had a fun little weekend! I stared my weekend by helping with the Special Olympics at UTA this weekend.  I loved getting to help be the ball girl at their tennis matches. Luckily I got to help with doubles.  It was so fun to watch them get over joyed with each ball that was hit.  We had a blast!  While I was there, Chris was doing a knock out job on our yard.  He and Winston spent the day making our yard look amazing.  We even got the call asking to show the house!!  YEAH YEAH!

Then that evening we got to enjoy a nice get together over at our old neighbor's house.  They used to live two blocks down....and boy does Winston miss them.  He still runs to their door when we take our walks.  I loved getting to see their new house.  We had a blast hanging out with them and all of my old school friends.

Today we woke up and finished tidying up the place.  Chris made a wonderful breakfast for us.  I love that my hubby enjoys cooking!  Then we just chilled until around 4.  We headed over to another party!  Yeah party weekend over here.  This one was a pool party at my old apartments.  I love that 2 of my friends still live over makes me happy to see the old place every now and again.  We had a blast at the pool!  First off we enjoy the company of our friends.  Second we enjoyed a little people watching of the other parties going on there.  I also crack up that the same old wrinkly ladies hang out at the pool all day and night just like when I lived there.   Ha!

Now we are home enjoying a night together.  Chris is of course cooking out for us! Again I love my hubby!!!  We tried to quiz Winston if the people like our house...but well he didn't say!  Something about not understanding dog talk?  Only 5 more days of school and then I will be back to blogging regularly!!  WHOO WHOO!!  Have a wonderful weekend all.

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Kara said...

Y'all have school tomorrow???

Hope they liked your house!