Monday, May 23, 2011

Changes...are happening

at our house that is!  Well should I begin, oh last Wednesday is when this GRAND CHANGE occurred.  Little did I know what an affect it would have on my life! Ha  Last Wednesday we had like 3 boxes on our front step.  I always love getting goodies...especially when I know nothing about them.   One of the boxes was full of some new cleaners for our house.  Chris' mom had sent us some samples a while back and we really enjoyed them.  She is so sweet because she let us get some more!!!  Yipee new cleaners and bubble bath for me!

The next box is when life changed at our house....this box was from Chris' family as well.  His dad sent us an amazing new TOY!  But first let's talk about me...they sent me a super cute tennis shirt and very glam pen!  I love them both and will use my tennis shirt a ton since we just won 3rd place at playoffs this weekend.  Oh sorry I got a little sidetracked..

What was that grand new toy that has TAKEN OVER MY HUSBAND!  I no longer can speak with the man he is so obsessed with it.  He comes home from work, greets the dog, throws a hello at me, changes clothes, and then is in the ZONE!  If I had only know that this is how I could get my peace and quite I would have done this many moons ago (kidding really, but he does get hooked).
We even go the super cute white one....I love the look! 
You guessed it folks the new IPAD!!  Holly cow do we LOVE, love, LOVE it! Chris is uber in love with it! However, I have gotten to use the IPAD I think um to Skype with my sister and brother in law who are in Jamaica (so jealous of them).  Then last night I stole it for just long enough to download a blog reader app so I can read my blogs when I do get my hands on the Ipad! HA, I am so not kidding about his addiction.  This weekend he carried it with him everywhere he went.  When he came to watch my tennis matches...he had it!  What a mess he is?

Thank you Steve for making my husband the happiest man on Earth!  We are now an official APPLE FAMILY over here, and well it is pretty stinking awesome! 


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Haha, I can totally relate with that ipad taking over the world thing :) But, it will fade away eventually... maybe!

Jessie Whitfield said...

That's what happened with our iPhones!! Haha darn apple is so awesome.

Jennifer Dugan said...

iPad, iPhone, iPod, MacBook and an i Mac.... its a little disgusting to think how much money we have given to Steve, but i sure do love them all!!