Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Visitors and Crawfish

After Miss H and I returned from A-town we got a wonderful visit from Chris' family.  His mom (Nana) and Riley (Aunt Ry) came to visit.  We loved having them here.  It is always so fun to have family visit, but I swear it goes way to fast.  We did some running around town and tons of playing.

They have not seen Miss H since she was born.  It was fun letting them see all her new tricks.  I know they enjoyed spending time with her.  While they were here Miss H also got to attend our annual crawfish boil.  Chris' good friend host the party every year and it is always fun.  She enjoyed her time there, took a nap and got passed around by many.  All in all it was a fun weekend full of family and friends.  We hope to head up to Minnesota soon to visit Nana and Aunt Ry sooner rather than later.  Thanks for visiting us, love you and miss you so much.

Here are the pics from their trip and the crawfish boil:

Happy birthday Nana

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