Monday, April 02, 2012


Okay I have been on a mission to find a good spot to take Miss H's bluebonnet pictures.  I have always loved bluebonnets and I love seeing them all over the roadway.  What I don't love is the idea of stopping on the side of the road and getting my sweet bundle out for pictures.  Thus my mission: find bluebonnets in a safe place.   However, a small patch of course will not do.  I mean you need to have enough that they are looking good in the background.

I spoke with some friends and got some great ideas of places to head up.  Yesterday after church: side note here it was Miss H's first time at church. She was a trooper and slept the whole time.  Any how after church I went and checked out a place I was told about.  It was PERFECT!  Safe and just to have the right weather and timing for the pictures.

This morning we woke up and I feed Miss H then threw (not really) her in her car seat.  I rushed us over to the bluebonnet spot.  The rush was all because it was overcast.  You see it was bright enough for the pictures, but not too bright that she would not open her eyes.  I took probably a thousand only have like 10 turn out good.  Thank you for digital cameras!  But I am pleased with our impromptu photo session.  Here are the good ones.  We are going to try again later this week, you know me always looking for perfection! HA Ready for picture overload?

I love this half smile!

She was smiling but her eyes were closed, darn it!

Her new thing is to pull on her little skirts! 

And talking it up too!  

How could I pass up a shot of her new thing...sucking on that silly hand.

This one is my favorite!

love those little toes...

its hard work taking pictures...big yawn! 

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