Monday, April 09, 2012


This past week Miss H had an unexpected first!  Her first time to need shelter from TORNADOS!  As a weather loving mother I was split with feelings.  I love, love, love sever weather season, thanks to my years of meteorology school.  However, when it was just me it was fine to love tornados, hail, and more.  Now that Miss H is here I have to be a little more serious I guess.  

Don't worry Miss H and I had just gotten home from taking pictures in a field of bluebonnets with our friends Gracie and Elizabeth.  No more than had we gotten back to Gracie's did all the crazy weather hit out of no where.  Thankfully the storms were just below us but the sirens did go off.  Miss H and Elizabeth (she is a month younger than H) both slept right through all the mess.

Now the sadness is that it did hit my friends neighborhood. She watches sweet babies and it was nap time when it hit.  Thankfully she and her husband were able to get them all in the closet just before the tornado came plowing through.  I can't imagine how scary that would be...I am so glad they were safe.  Houses, yards, and such can be fixed but babies can't be!  It took them about 2 1/2 days to get power again, but I think they have "recovered" as much as you can from the events.

You know it is crazy because we often have tornado watches and warnings, but rarely do they actually touch down in our area.  Not today, 2 major ones touched down and changed the lives of many.  Good news is no one was killed and many were warned!  We are so blessed it missed our neighborhood!

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