Saturday, June 16, 2012

Miss H is 5 months old!

Harper you are FIVE months old!   

This month you weigh around 14 pounds (all estimates because it is not a dr. visit month).  You are now about 25 1/2 inches long! You are a growing girl and we couldn't be happier.   You are still wearing size 1 diapers for about a week more...once we finish up this box SIZE 2 HERE WE COME!! And you are wearing size 3-6 month and/or 6 month clothes. 

Here are a few things you are really loving this month:

Nursing: You have officailly become a 4 1/2 to 5 hours eater.  You no longer eat every 3 hours....and mommy loves this.  We can get so much more done between our feedings.  You normally want to nurse around 4.5 hours.  You are kind of not a fan of the bottle this month...that is mommy's fault.  She has had the month off from tennis between my seasons (spring and summer).  However, you will take it just not as excited about it.  NO worries though every Friday from her on bottles it is since mommy has tennis...get excited! Funny because on your baby calendar one of the milestones is holds bottle...I just realized you wont really meet that since you don't really use bottles...just a side note!

Smiling: You are still such a great smiler.  I love that when other people talk to you you let out the cutest smile!  It's your way of saying hello.  You are such a great little smilier...I don't know many babies that wake up with such a huge grin.  I love that you are the happiest girl around.  Your daddy can make you smile from ear to ear without even trying! 

with the sock monkey

Talking: Let's just say you are not shy about it.  Your sweet talking voice has been taken over by the "happy" SCREAM!!  You now know how to scream and man do you only scream.  No matter where we are you let out these cute little happy screams.  I am sure the people eating around us are not to thrilled, but we think it is too cute! Although I do miss your sweet coo'ing voice some days.  You really love to scream with daddy...he screams then you do and so on; yall are a hoot.

Awareness:  You have begun to notice when daddy or I leave the room.  Sometimes you are not to happy about that and let out a sad cry.  Even though we come right back you just want us close.  Not only do you know your mommy and daddy but now you know your toys.  You love to play with them and work most of them like a pro.  You also can get a bit fussy if we take something away from you!  It is funny to see your attitude come out like that....but you know what you want!

WINSTON and BOB: Now you just YELL at them and hope they come to play! It is so funny to see you just scream and get so excited when you see them.  Winston of course is doing a great job as big brother...he always check the car seat when we come back from being out and about.  He normally gives you a lick on the toes just to make sure your still there.  Bob has learned her job as sister....She patrols your room at nap or night time.  If you get upset and cry out she is normally sitting right in front of your crib waiting on me to come in.  She loves to see you happy! 

Sleep: You are making great strides to a full nights rest! WHOO WHOO the past week you have managed to sleep 7-8 hours at a time.  Mommy couldn't believe it and was very excited.  You still have ONE snack at night, but I think you are phasing that out on your own.  Thank the Lord.  Naps, well they go as good as I can ask.  You and I normally snuggle up for the morning nap.  I have to say that is probably my favorite time...your afternoon naps are in your crib.  I am going to start moving your morning nap to the crib, which makes me sad....but I am sure it is best!  I just love my little cuddle bug!
This pic doesn't go with this but I love this little butt! 
Your hands:  You are a PRO at your hands these days.  I can't believe how easily you can pick up your toys and put them where you want them.  You also still love to suck on those fingers....crazy girl! You are also mastering the paci...taking it out of your mouth and managing to get it back in.  If only you could master this faster it would make bed time so much better!

Mouth: spit, spit, and more spit!  Miss H is a mega drool queen, but now she has learned a super fun new skill (can you read the sarcasm?)  She has learned how to blow SPIT BUBBLES!!  For a mommy who hates wet shirts and such this kills me.  Plus I am not a fan of the bib, but we have had to bust them out as of spit bubble blowing time.  She is so cute as she works so hard to get her mouth ready and then pushes them out.  
The face she makes while making spit bubbles
Your legs:  This little legs just KICK, kick, KICK! You have always been a kicker...but man do you love to move those legs.  Somedays it is an act of congress just to get your pants/shorts/bloomers on you.  You just have to keep them moving.  Not only do you kick but you can now stand great.  If I simply hold you by your hands you will just stand up like a pro.  You really put your legs to use in your johnny jumper.  Man do you love that thing!  You love to bounce around and try to grab your puppy.   

her leg exercise
TOES: You love your toes about as much as kicking.  You do the cutest things with them.  I love the "leg exercise" or so I call it.  This is where you hold your toes and then kick out and in with your looks like your are working out.  You have also accomplished the SUCKING on your TOES!  You really enjoy doing this in the car or at bath time.  Sometimes I blame this move on your poop outs, ha.

Bath time: You now officially sit in your little tub, no more infant sling.  You love bath time and get so excited. You can now splash do you splash! Take a look.

Rolling over: You are such a funny one when it comes to rolling over!  You know how to do it, but prefer to roll as far over as possible without actually completing the task.  It is like you just want to hang out in the crazy pose.  Not only that but you have now rolled from TUMMY to BACK 3 times....this is new in the past few days.  I think you are shocked every time it happens. 

Giggles: Not only do you giggle now but you randomly laugh too.  Now you will just be sitting and playing and let out a little laugh...its like you crack yourself up.  I love it!

A mind of your own: did I mention you know what you want and when you want it now? Not only that but you have learned how to toss things away when your mad.  You really like to do this in the toss your toy over the edge of your seat then get mad. Cause and effect are soon to follow I am sure! 

Things you are almost doing:

Sitting on your own: You can sit up with pillows all around great.  You actually will sit up fine for a long time...but then if you lean forward or sideways it's over.  I'm sure you will have this mastered by 6 months.    

You are also doing a crawl type motion when you are on your tummy.  You lay there and squish your legs up to move forward.  I am fearful that you will be crawling soon! I don't want you to CRAWL...NOT YET!! I am so not ready to "baby" proof our lives, nor is Winston ready to be chased.  

You had a few FIRST this month! 

You slept over 7 hours.
You rolled over from tummy to back.
You mastered getting your toes in your mouth.
You had your first trip to the lake.
You went swimming.
You sleep on your tummy sometimes.
You splash in the tub.
You make spit bubbles.
Your first trip to the church nursery.

Your favorite toys are:

Sophie still you just love to chew on her like a crazy woman.  Sophie is always in our diaper bag no matter where we go...she is a MUST.

Olivia: You seem to love her...she is new to the toy gang.  You enjoy chewing on her too, she has a few little hanging toys you can grab pretty easy. 

Taggie Ball: She is loving this ball..I think it is because she can grab it easy due to all the tags on it.  Plus she can hold it on her tummy between her legs while she plays.  She will roll all over for this ball.

Football: Thanks to cousin B who wanted Miss H to be a boy...he gave Baby R this awesome oball football.  She really likes it too due to the ease of grasping...and she can chew on it so easy.  

Harper you are grown up so much.  I can't believe another month has come and gone.  Next thing I know you will be in college!  You are such an amazing little girl.  I love that you are really becoming your own person.  I can tell you are going to be a wonderful leader someday.  You love to just sit back an watch as you figure out how things work.  Mommy and daddy love you so much...words can express how much love and joy you bring to our lives daily. We love you all the way to the moon and back!

And for the monthly comparison....
3 months
4 months
5 months


Jen said...

Oh my goodness! She keeps getting cuter as she gets bigger!

Kara said...

She is so cute!

On a side note, you need to change your Widdlytinks stick family! I just glanced down at it as I was about to post and saw a prego mommy and thought, "holy $#it!". Then I realized that this was an old stick family because there was no baby!