Sunday, June 03, 2012

Time stood still......

and not in a good way! I have been heart broken the past two days by what happened on Thursday.  Every other Thursday Miss H and I head out for a couple of hours while the house gets really cleaned.  Normally I am packed up and ready to go so we don't get in Armenia's way.  This Thursday proved to be impossible...actually what I should have realized was that it was going to be a HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY!

Things were going great, I got showered while Miss H played in her saucer.  I was dressed and ready when I heard the sweet girl grunting.  Little did I realize that it was a pretty big one.  It was not until I had her laying down to change her that I saw it had exploded up her back....yikes!  No worries we had about 15 minutes.  Thus a quick bath was mandatory at this point.  She was in, cleaned, lotioned, dressed, and ready when Armenia arrived.  Then I realized I had forgotten to put my watch back on!  I take it off when bathing her because I feel like it may scratch her.  Anyway, I have Miss H and run in to the bathroom to put my watch on.

This is the MOMENT time stood still.... when Miss H kicked and my watch fell to the ground...the TILE ground. My wonderful, beautiful, amazing watch.  The watch my mom and dad gave me for my wedding gift!

Yes, that is now what my watch looks. SHATTERED. Isn't it sad...I hate to look at this picture!

No joke I wanted to cry the only reason I didn't is because Armenia was there...she was even heart broken for me.  I know this may seem silly to be so sad, but my watch means many things to me.  However, I rushed it straight to Trey (our jeweler).  He sent it in for me, then Chris made some phone calls to our insurance company.  Great news is......they will fix it for me!  Whewww, but now I look at my bare wrist and hope for it to return soon.  Don't even get me started on how the rest of the day went.  Let's just say it was not as bad as the "Petsmart bad day" but it was pretty bad!

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