Thursday, June 21, 2012

Out of touch...and for good reasons

Sorry there has not been a new post since Father's day! Not my intentions but it seems the world is against me...Okay maybe I am a little dramatic, but still. Let's see here is a list of post I have been dying to type up
Chris' family came to town.
The CRAP-TASTIC day we had last Wednesday
Chris' father's day gift....and pintrest fail
Harper's new tricks
My parents 43 wedding anniversary (today, congrats to them)
Chris and I's 2 year wedding anniversary coming up
and so much more......

Here is the reason I can't seem to get my life in order!
Our sewer exploded in our kitchen last Wednesday.  That was a Sh*ty day literally from sun up to sun down.
My car got broken into...nothing major done thank heavens.
Winston had major knee surgery Monday. Came home...had to go back and spend Tuesday at vet because he wasn't eating or drinking and in pain.
Winston is on day 4 of post op today...and it has been poop and vomit fest at our house from him today.  Poor guy can't catch a break.
Add caring for 5 month old into this mess and well that is what it is a MESS!!
IPHONE 4S gets a good wash---while cleaning up the grand poop vomit fest my phone got picked up with the towels...and to the washer it went!

Needless to say this month has SUCKED! Every since my beautiful rolex fell to the floor and shattered my month has been nothing but suck fest!!  I am sure I have pictures of it all but I just have to get this blog done since I can't get anything else blogged about.

Oh and did I mention....I'm running away to a happy non emotional roller coaster of a place!  If you could also point me in the direction of that happy place I would love you for ever! Until life returns to normal that is.....

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Kara said...

Oh gosh! You are having a bad run of luck to say the least!

Hope poor little Winston recovers quickly. I hate a sick puppy!