Friday, June 01, 2012

New achievements....

Our sweet 19 week old baby girl has made many little achievements this week.  I am so excited that she is learning new things, yet it is bittersweet too! I hate to see her grow up so fast.  After our fun little weekend away Miss H came home and began a new little trick.

loving those toes
That afternoon she was playing in her saucer (exersaucer is the technical name) and began this new "yell" sound.  She would yell out in the cutest voice....well not long and her and Chris were having a "yelling" conversation.  She would yell, then he would.  It was the funniest thing ever.  Since then she no longer wants to have sweet quiet conversations....yelling is the only way.  The funny thing is she has learned how to make different tones in her yell!  My baby has officially found her voice. (stupid blogger wont let me upload the video...I'll keep trying)

Tuesday night our normal bath turned into a major SOAK fest!  She has learned how to kick her feet and splash water everywhere.  How can you get upset when they learn something so cute.  I mean the bathroom was soaked, but man did she have the best time doing it.  It was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen....watching her concentrate on kicking and seeing the water that flew from it.  Now bath time is pretty messy.  I have learned to put less water in her tub...and to lay out a few extra towels to soak up her fun.
just some fun pics from our week...
Wednesday night was the night I have not looked forward to since she is now rolling over.  Miss H deiced that she would sleep on her tummy! YIKES this SIDS freak mommy was stressed out ALL night long.  Yes, the Dr. told me at her last visit she now can chose her sleep position since she is rolling over...but still I don't like it one bit.  I kept asking Chris if I should go in there and roll her over.  He told me it was fine.  I actually went in there at least 3 times to just feel her breathing.  I love our video monitor, but nothing beats "feeling" her breathing.  She slept all night like this and has continued the tradition.  If she is not on her tummy fully she is laying so far over on her side she might as well be on her tummy.  Sweet baby girl even put her little butt up in the air at one point!

Can you believe what a HUGE week we have had over here.  I feel like everyday something new happens. I just hope I can keep up and not miss a moment!

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Jen said...

So excited about all of Harper's developments! My emotional self got a little teary reading this post. She is precious and I want to see a pic of her sleeping with her booty in the air!