Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Impromptu road trip

Last weekend Miss H and I took a rather impromptu road trip....well flight then road trip.  My mother's aunt passed away thus her and my dad were going to Colorado for the funeral.  When my mom called and told me the sad news I asked about the details.  She said they would just head up Sunday and be back to A-town on Tuesday....just a quick trip.  It was later that I realized Miss H had not met any of my mom's aunts, uncles, or cousins....nor has she met my dad's family who lives in Colorado.  Chris and I chatted about going on the trip and he too agreed H needed to meet her GREAT grandparents (my dad's parents) before they were too ill.

Therefore it was Saturday, at um 11 am that Chris and I made this decision...leaving me only about 1.5 hours to pack for the two of us.  Why?  Oh I had tennis from 2-4 and then our flight to A-town was at 6.  We wouldn't be able to come home between so straight to the airport it was.  No worries we made it with a couple of minutes to spare and were in A-town in no time.
waiting for our ride...
Miss H is really getting to be a pro traveler....is it sad that as soon as we are on the airplane she knows she is going to get to nurse?  I think that is a sign she has done this too much!  However this was one of the few flights she was awake and played the whole way.  I was thankful we were able to fly so that our 8 hour drive on Sunday wouldn't be as painful as if we had driven 6 hours to A-town...

Sunday we left pretty early and Miss H slept most of the way.  She was a trooper and so were mom and dad with our need to stop, eat, and change diapers.
sleeping her way through New Mexico

Just playing to pass the time!
When we got to Denver we met up with my dad's sisters that live close by.  We did happy hour and dinner with them as it met their schedules.
First time meeting her second cousin and great aunt

The whole gang...my dad's sister Alice's family 
My dad's sister Mary's family
Miss H loved the boys
Monday morning we got to see dad's parents.  They both have been rather ill so it was nice that we could see them.  They didn't know that Miss H and I had tagged along and were very surprised to see us.  It was so wonderful seeing them too as it had been about 2 years since I had last seen them.
Miss H with her Great Grandparents
My mom and dad with us and his parents
The rest of the trip we spent with my mom's family.  However, since we were there for a funeral I didn't think pictures galore would be appropriate.  Here are a few of us just enjoying the sites around Denver.
the view from our room...so nice

my mom and H I love this picture
Miss H at the book store...getting her book from Colorado.
For every state we visit she gets the "good night....." book.
Thus far she has a big collation, now adding Good Night Denver
Dad and H playing before the funeral...so sweet.
Miss H got to enjoy her first time playing at a McDonald's....this one was way nice.  They had the best play area for little ones...as she moved around it made music.  Really it was neat.

Enjoying a walk in A-town...the weather was wonderful
All in all our visit was very nice.  Plus Miss H and I got to enjoy A-town for a little while after our road trip.
Headed home to see daddy!

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