Thursday, October 25, 2012

SOLD....moving on to

Saying goodbye...
Last MONDAY we officially signed over our first home.  I have mixed feelings about this because after all this was our fist home as a married couple and family.  Also this was Chris' house that he remolded. He spent countless hours doing this and I know would have spent a few more years enjoying it.  However, along came a wife and sweet baby girl.

On to the fun of our last few weeks...MOVING! AHHH I can not tell you how much I dislike moving (blame that on college days moving every semester) but moving with a 9 month old, HOLY COW!
Thankfully my wonderful mom came to help us move or gosh we would still be doing it.  Needless to say it took a us a little longer that expected but we have done it.  WHEEWW!  To bad we will have to do this all again in oh about 120 days!  Now that is one count down I will be a little sad about...but happy too because that means we are in our brand new house!!

Here are a few funny videos of Miss H during our moving:

and some random pics:

Me...trying to remember what our sweet babies room was like!  I should have done this before we had a bunch of junk around for the move.

oh my her closet was a mess...but oh well

someone found the bags...and did her silly face! 

Happy Birthday to me....what did we do MOVED and had dinner just Chris and I.

the mess of our master bedroom before our last load

all sacked out from moving...she was tired of carrying the heavy stuff

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