Sunday, October 21, 2012

Miss H is 9 months old!

Harper you are NINE months old!  

Making mommy proud with the Sharpie love
This month you weigh 15.5 lbs  You are now about 27 inches long! You are a growing girl and we couldn't be happier.   You still wear size 2 diapers.  You are in 6-9 month clothes, however the 9 month clothes are still a little big.  

Monthly stats:

Nursing: You still nurse about 4 times a day.  I love that time with you because it is the only time you are STILL anymore!     

Eating Solids: My good little eater!  You love your food.  This month you have pretty much tried all the foods.  I don't have to worry too much more about food allergies.  The only change is that you have recently decided you don't prefer carrots very much.    

Sippy Cup: You really enjoy your sippy cup of water.  You are funny because you use your sippy cup to drink from and to teeth on. 

Smiling: You are great at this...when you want to. Lately you make silly faces all the time.  You are happy so much that it is rare not to see a smile on your face.

Talking: Finally the ma ma comes....yes this month you perfected the da da, ma ma, na na and many other sounds.  You also learned how to talk into the megaphone and love to hear your voice.   

Sign language:  You still can sign back to us dog, ball, milk and more.  We have started showing you a few new signs too.

Awareness:  You have been doing better about letting mommy and daddy leave you.  However, some days are harder.  You also have become aware of the tv.  You don't really watch it but if there is a song or something playing you will stop look at it and do a little dance.  You really love to listen to Ellen with me!

giving kisses...your newest trick!
Observer:  My little observer!!  You love to sit and watch the people and things around us.  Most recently at restaurants and other busy places. It is fun to watch you observe and try.  You love to mimic things these days.

WINSTON and BOB: Bob bob and you got a new room this month and you love watching her.  She is a pretty good watch cat as she checks on you when you fuss.  Winston still hasn't learned to RUN when you approach him.  You love to pat him, pull his tail, and chase him.  He in turn loves it too I'm guessing or why else would he just sit there. 

Sleep: Let's put it this way....we are working on it.  You seem to be very fussy and unsettled at night.  For some reason you only want to sleep for 3-4 hours at a time.  Your Dr said that around this time babies tend to do that....just try to work through it.  Thus we are doing so...and it is getting better

Your hands: You can pick up any microscopic piece of dirt, leaf, or thread from the floor.  Your hand eye coordination is amazing.  This really helps when trying to get food into your mouth. 

Mouth: 2 bottom teeth and one top that is about to bust through.  You are very private about your really don't show them off much.  I can't wait till you show them off.  I know the next tooth is coming though because you want to just chew on everything.  You put anything and everything in your mouth to try and relieve the pain.  

Always on the go...making the picture session hard as can be!
Your legs:  You are a moving and a grooving at all times.  You are pulling up on EvErYtHiNg!  You even pull up on somethings that don't seem so safe...but you work it out.  I am scared by next month you will be walking like a crazy person.  You still have your slide/crawl and are very fast now. 

Bath time: No matter what a bath is always the happiest thing.  You love your bath and it is one of my favorite times.  I love to watch you splash and play. 

Giggles:  You giggle so much and we love it.  Daddy can really get you going when he tickles your tummy.  You have begun to learn to play games and giggle.  Peak a boo is your favorite you just giggle away.   

Dislikes: You have a few dislikes now that you know you can not like something.  You currently dislike getting in your car seat, but once you are in you are fine.  I guess it is the thought of having to sit still that makes you sad.  You are not liking carrots, which is odd.  You have liked them up until now?  You dislike it when mommy takes something away from you that is not safe or a good chew toy.  You have kind of learned to throw a little fit about it, but can be easily distracted.  You dislike it when you can't be on the move, you just want to go go go!

Things you are almost doing:

WALKING!!! Very soon you will do this as you are cruising around all the furniture.

You had a few FIRST this month! 

You visited a new state this month, Colorado.
You drove through New Mexico.  
You took your first long road trip.
You met the Mudroch side of our family.
You met your great grandparents.
You attended your first funeral.
You moved to a new house (our rent house).
You visited the pumpkin patch.
You got dedicated.
You rode the train by the zoo.
You walked behind your wagon.

Being silly!!
Favorite toys this month are anything that moves or makes noise.

You love, love, love balls and love to sign ball.

Leap Frog table.  This toy does all your favorites...let's you stand and plays music

BOXES...since we are moving your are really enjoying BOXES

This month seemed like a big one on mile stones or "first" anyways.  You are growing up to be such a wonderful little girl.  I love the happiness you have each day.  You are such a sweet baby even on your fussier days.  You amaze daddy and I more and more each day.  We love you all the way to the moon and back!

And for the monthly comparison...

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