Friday, November 02, 2012

My first time alone

This past weekend was my FIRST time to be away from my sweet baby for more than a few hours.  Yes, it was hard but man was it nice too.  Something about leaving her with daddy made things so much easier.  I think if both Chris and I were leaving it may have been harder.  However, in order for me to feel okay about leaving her there were a few things I had to do.  1) get her to like the bottle again.  Since I had a break in tennis she wasn't getting any bottles...thus we had to spend the past week re-introducing them.  2) Prepare Chris for a day in our world.  He knows our night time routine, but not so much our daily.  Not to worry...I quickly typed up a few million things to help him out.

sorry these are all iphone pics...
Chris was a champ he stepped right in on Friday afternoon ready to go.  Come Friday night he had her in bed with only one fear...he wouldn't hear her is she woke up.  I told him I am sure he would.  Saturday they played and spent some time with his cousin.  Thankfully I got to Facetime with them and he sent me pictures.  It made mommy feel way better.  While they were playing and having fun I was too.
enjoying a mommy drink
I got to enjoy the weekend with 2 tennis friends.  We were at a tennis conference all weekend in Marble Falls.  The resort is just beautiful there...we have to go back for fun sometime soon.  It was odd not having my counter part with me.  However, we learned a lot and had tons of laughs.  I am thankful they put up with this mommy who may have talked about her baby too much! But all in all everyone survived and Chris got to see how being a mommy is hard work, lol. 
played some cards
and dressed up for halloween as thieves
So excited to see mommy again! 
The smile on her face made my day!  She was super excited to see me again...and I was excited too.

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