Friday, November 16, 2012

Miss H is 10 months old

Harper you are TEN months old!  

This month you weigh 16 lbs  You are now about 27 inches long! You still wear size 2 diapers.  You 9 month clothes, but they are still a little big one you.   12 month clothes just swallow you up.  

Monthly stats:

Nursing: You still nurse about 4 times a day.  You kind of have been on a nursing kick the last few must be growing!     

Eating Solids: My good little eater!  You love your food.  This month you have pretty much tried all the foods.  I don't have to worry too much more about food allergies.  Strawberries tend to make your little face we steer clear of those.  You still will eat baby food but are starting to like finger foods more.    

Sippy Cup: Still loving your cup of water.  You won't drink breast milk from it or a bottle.  But we are glad you love water. 

Smiling: You are just the happiest baby.  Anyone can make you smile these days.  I love that you are so friendly to others

Talking: My little talker.  You continue to use your dada and mama's like crazy.  We love to listen to you chat it up.   

Sign language:  You still can sign back to us dog, ball, milk and more.  We have started showing you a few new signs too. You now do eat, all done, and baby.

Awareness:  You still love to be close to your mommy and daddy.  However, are not as clingy as you were.  We are happy you can recognize safe areas and are a little cautious with new stuff.

Observer:  My little observer!!  You love to watch things before trying them. You sit and watch a new toy first then try it once you see how it works. 

WINSTON and BOB:Winston has learned to run from you if he wants to be alone.  Bob bob keeps you entertained when you are sad in your crib.  She always comes up to your crib and you reach your sweet little hand out to her...I love watching it on the monitor.  

Sleep: You have been sleeping through the night recently.  Mommy is super happy about that and hope it last.  You still have 2 naps during the day. 

Your hands: You are so cute you love to wave bye bye to people or hi to them.  If they don't wave or see you then you get a little put out.  You are a great floor in picking up every spec of dirt.  Most of the time you will hand it to mommy pretty good.  

Mouth: You now have 4 teeth...two on top and two on bottom.  They still don't show up very well when you smile but they are there.  You look pretty cute!  

Your legs:  You are a busy little one.  You have begun cruising on furniture.  You can stand for a long time but just wont take those first little steps.  Now if you are holding onto something away you will go.   

Bath time: Love your tubs.  You recently have learned that sucking on the wash cloth is fun.  Thus we now have to have 2 wash cloths when bathing. 

Giggles:  You are so funny.  This month you have learned to laugh just because.  It is funny to watch you as you giggle at things or think you are so funny.  

Dislikes: You dislike mashed potatoes...which is odd because you love baked  potatoes.  You don't like it when daddy leaves you.  You are such a DADDY'S girl.  You don't like it when people don't wave back to you in public.  But all in all you are pretty happy.

Things you are almost doing:

WALKING!!! You are cruising around all the furniture and standing so much. 

You had a few FIRST this month! 

You got to enjoy your first ELECTION.
You saw President Obama get re-elected.  
You celebrated daddy's birthday.
You found the doggy door at Queen Tia's.
You took our first family pictures for the Christmas card.
You ate bake potatoes for the first time.
You got to see the lot where our new home will be built.

Favorite toys this month are anything that moves or makes noise.

Leap Frog table still.  

Your wagon that BB and Papa gave you.  You love to push and ride in it. 

I loved this month in your life.  I feel like you learned so much this month.  It was like everyday something new came about.  Your personality has grown so much.  I love the person you are and that everyday I get to enjoy you.  You are the sweetest girl I know.  Mommy and daddy love you so much. All the way to the moon and back!

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