Monday, February 11, 2013

Home sweet home...

Our first family pic at our new homestead 
or soon it will be anyways.  Not sure if I have mentioned this but we are building a new home!  WHOO WHOO!!  Yes, life in our rental is grand but life there will be AmAzInG.  Let's get up to date!!  Back in November we met with a great builder Todd from Glacier Homes.  He recently finished building a beautiful house for Chris' cousin in Trophy Club. After walking through their home we knew he would be our guy.  Even better he really went out of his way to help us find a great lot where we wanted to live.  Chris and I had done some searching and found one we "thought" would be perfect.  However, realized it really wasn't as good as we thought.  Todd found us a great lot and we signed for it all on November 3rd. SO EXCITED!!!

 Miss H sitting in the middle of our acer lot! 

Fast forward to December and we are planning our new home with Todd.  We picked out our floor plan, made changes to customize our needs, and even picked out everything that goes in the house!! They began the dirt moving on December 19th...I of course wanted the house to be complete by Miss H's first birthday.  Todd and Chris always laughed in my face at that thought, but it would have been wonderful. December 29th and they had the house laid out with wooden barriers.  They also had all the trenches dug and ready to go for the pipes and foundation.  We were moving right along.  I tell you prior to the dirt moving I thought this would never happen.

 Standing at our front door...or soon to be one.

January came as did Miss H's first birthday...and not in our New DREAM HOME!!  Guess we have next year, lol.  January 18th: Although we were super excited when all the plumbing got put in the same weekend our families were here for Miss H's birthday.  We loved showing off our new home...ha or pipes!   January 22nd and all the pipes and such were was our next step.

Our wonderful Forman Jason sent me an email that the foundation would be poured on Friday.  Miss H and I were super jazzed.  We had big plans of hand prints and foot prints in our new home.  However....Miss H's hospital stay kept us from that fun.  I did send Chris to take pictures though.  I mean I have to have documentation right??  January 25th and we had a FOUNDATION!!

Once we got home from the hospital we did take a little drive out the next day to see the foundation....and what do you know on a SATURDAY those guys were busy working away.  I never even got to see just my foundation.  We had WALLS!!! January 26th and we had walls covering the whole first floor of our house.  I mean you could walk room to room it was the most wonderful feeling ever!  This was the point where it FELT REAL!!  We really were building our home, our future, our family would live and grow here!  I was so excited.

From that point it seems to be flying by.  Actually if Miss H and I don't make the drive out to the house almost daily I feel like we are missing a major change.  Miss H has learned to love the drive, and well I plan it for nap time most days since it is about 20 minutes each way.

January 29th and the bottom floor framing was done...however we had 3 windy days so for safety reasons the guys couldn't work on the 2nd floor or roof.  No biggie we were headed out of town anyways and I would had to miss the progress!

February 5th we returned home to find...not only a second floor framed but it looked like a HOUSE!! I couldn't believe what they had done while we were gone.  I called Chris and told him he had to come look NOW!!  I mean we could walk up the stairs to the 2nd floor and we had a roof and exterior walls.  I couldn't get over it.
back and side view
front of our home
While we were there checking things out we wanted to make it "our" home.  We took some time to bless our home with some scriptures.  Then Miss H also had to put a mark in her room.
her sweet little hand...that looks huge in this pic but isn't!

In Miss H's room

Blessing the our living room

and Miss H got to use the marker too...on the nursery wall
This past week we had more movement: Wednesday, Feb 6th, we got shingles on the roof.  They look great to!
sorry pic from the car because H was sleeping...
Thursday, Feb 7th, we met with the electrician to place all our electrical outlets, tv hook ups, phone hook ups,  and lights. Who knew you would have to think one wall at a time...well you do!  Actually just when you think you got it all figured out you realize you missed something.  We were quizzing anyone and everyone about where they wished they had a plug or tv hook up....trying to make sure we covered everything.  I am pretty sure we did...but then agin I am sure once we move we will find a spot we wished we had one.  Come Friday, Feb 8th, Miss H and I were back at the house picking more things out...this time it was the central vac system.  I had to tell them which walls I wanted to plug into...another think it all through before you get there!

Looking out of her bedroom window
Miss H in her room
a view of the kitchen 
the kitchen bar and our living room 
Miss H thought it was fun to walk under all the cords...she kept doing it all over the house
Oh and did I mention that while we are making these decisions there are still big things going on at the house.  We got our well dug and running, good thing we have water, lol!! All the bathrooms, except the master, have the bathtubs in.  Also we have all our heating and air done too.  Oh and fireplaces...put in and looking good as well as all the windows and back door.  I just am amazed at it all.

What's next well this coming week we will have more fun changes.  We have the inspection for the electric, the plumber coming out, spray foam insulation, and so much more!  I am sure Miss H and I will be out there everyday next week too :-)  Oh and I forgot the most fun, BRICKS we will be getting them next week too.  I know that lots of people say building a house is stressful, but we have had a ball.  I haven't felt stressed out yet and funny thing is Chris and I pretty much agree on most things.  Stay tuned for more changes soon!


Kevin Noel said...

Wow, the builders were really fast! I think it was beautiful of you to bless the frame of your home with scriptures. Hopefully, that will fortify and strengthen your home for a long time. I love how excited you were that the walls were up! I, too, feel like it becomes REAL at that stage. That’s when it starts to really come together. And, it starts to look like a HOUSE instead of just wood and soil. I wish to hear your updates in the following weeks!

Kara said...

So exciting!