Wednesday, February 20, 2013

12 month old plus paint

equals a pretty big MESS!!  However, it was well worth it.  So for those of you who don't know know me...I shall explain myself.

I DISLIKE Valentine's day...yes you read that correctly!  I think it is just silly that a person should have to SHOW their love on a SPECIFIC day.  Instead I would like my hubby to show me all the time and any time.  You know just because he was thinking of me extra that day or so on.  Thus we DO NOT celebrate the heart day in this house.

Well that was until we brought a sweet little girl into the world.  I mean I still don't really celebrate the day but I don't want her to miss out on some of the fun I guess.  I mean right now it is pretty easy because she is small.  Instead of giving her a little gift for Valentine's day Miss H and I spent the day playing at the museum.  Then daddy came home and we had a family dinner together, which was nice because Chris has been super busy these past few weeks.

However, back to the mess....I did think I would have Miss H make Chris a little something for her 2nd Valentine's day.  Thank you pintrest...for all your billions of ideas.  I finally used one of my millions of pins.  She made him a little canvas with her sweet little fingers, toes, and much more.  Here is the mess:
 I taped out all the areas I wanted to stay white...and show up.
 Got this little cutie stripped down to nothing! 
 And let the fun begin...I had to kind of show her what to do being as it was her first art project.  But she picked up pretty quick.  Needless to say she was a hot mess.

 I believe this picture says it best...paint from head to toe...oh and using her toes too!

 Taking a moment to check out her creative work.  
 Now letting it dry...I also added her little hand print since she can't sign her name yet! I will post a final pic later...guess I forgot to take that due to the fact that we had to hit the TUB ASAP!

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