Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Viva Las Vegas

Last week Chris and I took our FIRST BABY FREE vacation.  I was so torn for this trip.  Let's be honesty I was very sad to leave my sweet baby girl...but the fact that we had just been home from the hospital didn't help much.  I mean I knew she was in amazing hands but I didn't want her to be upset and not feeling good.  Chris and I had this trip planed for some time now....and backing out was not really possible because it was a vacation package.  Thus the dilemmas!!

Needless to say my wonderful mom came to watch our sweet baby girl!  Again I love my mom and am so thankful for all that she does for me.  The original plan was to have my mom drive up get Miss H and head to my sisters for the 5 days we were gone.  However, the who RSV thing messed most things up.  I didn't want to risk getting baby G sick with RSV since she could be contagious form 10-21 days!!  Long story short mom and H stayed here and had fun, or so they say!

We planned this trip because Chris' sweet intern Brady was turning 21 and invited us to join them in Vegas.  We thought it sounded like a blast so why not, and man was it FUN.  It was odd to just be us, but it was nice too.  I mean I got to enjoy sleeping in and eating meals without cutting up and feeding someone else first.  We stayed at the Aria it was beautiful. Our room was amazing and the bed, oh that bed was so comfy!  We really enjoyed every second of it. One thing we learned pretty quick was I SUCK at GAMBLING!!  Chris is way better at gambling than me.  He was the big winner and me the big loser.  OH well maybe next time.  Plus I enjoyed playing my little penny slots and losing all my money :-)

If you follow me on instagram you pretty much saw our whole trip...but for the rest of ya here it is in pictures!
 Our wonderful room...it was a smart room all controlled by a remote, it rocked!

Every hotel was decorated for Chinese New Year 

These were the sweets our hotel put out every day...they looked amazing!  

 In front of our hotel.
 Brady finally 21 hitting up the tables.

The Blue Man group parade...it was interesting. 
 Enjoying a night downtown

Hum...someone snuck a pic of me just chilling in bed! I loved that bed. 

 The flamingos at Pink Flamingo...the hotel my grandparents ONLY stayed in Vegas.  They went there all the time...The place where I got to enjoy MY 21st birthday thanks go my grandparents..memories!

 Brady and Lauren...just messing around taking some pics while we waited on his family.

 On last view out before we headed home...and me oh so ready to see my sweet baby girl!!

I am so thankful mom sent us pictures the whole time or I wouldn't have made it.  Life is odd without your baby, but man it was a nice break too.  I think Chris and I both agree this is needed every year...just a little get away for us that is!  

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