Saturday, May 04, 2013

Moving in...

We are finally moving into the new DREAM HOME!!  I plan to get some pictures up here soon, but seem to keep getting side tracked.  However, we are still under construction a little too!  Every day there are at least 2 worker groups that come in to fix, finish, or touch up stuff.  Thus making life with a baby who needs naps AWFUL!!  Poor Miss H would like to just get a good nap without the dog going crazy or the doorbell ringing.  I think this week should be the end of craziness or so I hope. 

Even with the workers coming and going we have managed to fall in LOVE with our new place.  Miss H is in heaven as well as the dog and cat.  There is so much room to run and play!   We even got to enjoy the JOYS of country living about a week ago.  I found this LITTLE guy behind a box in the playroom.
Not the best pic because it was by IPHONE from the hall...I used the zoom and still felt too close!

Okay so he was about 3 1/2-4 feet long and made me SCREAM like a little school girl.  Thankfully we had some workers here to help get that guy out and gone from our house.  Not sure what type he was but I am hoping just a rat snake!!  YIKES

Winston is THRILLED with the fact that he has a doggy door again.  He learned about that earlier this week once the fence was installed.  Oh and someone else learned about the doggy door too!!  We had one at our old house, but she was just crawling at that point.  Then we moved to the rent house with no doggy door....thus she is learning again what it is like.
 Someone got STUCK trying to sneak out the door!  She wont be trying that again or so I hope!  Of course just like any good mom...I took a picture before I saved her!

There have been a few times when Chris and I may have lost the baby somewhere in the house.  Each thinking she was with the other person!  Nope she was off playing in her playroom instead.  I will be happy when she learns how to answer back when we call her name.  Right now she just keeps on with her business no matter how many times I say "H where are you?  H are you in your room playing?"  However, she has learned that if she gets to a room that I am not in she can yell MOOOOMMMMMAAA and I'll respond.  Then she runs into the room and say HI like its the first time she has seen me that day :-) such a cutie!

Here she was learning that she could climb into her bins in the took a few tries but she finally managed!  

I think Chris is loving life here too.  He comes home from work and works in the yard.  He has learned how to use our new sprinkler excited to have this feature!  He and Miss H love to water the trees together....also known as playing in the water while daddy tries to hit the tree but can't because of her.  We are all loving our little neighborhood.  Everyone is out walking at night and there are tons of kiddos.  Miss H's friend from music class is actually one of our neighbors how random is that.  They even walked over some treats the other day.

Here are the pics that I have taken randomly...not the best but a few! 
 Miss H's playroom wall...and then it will be her big girl room when we need her to move over!
 Miss H's nursery, where she currently sleeps.  I had them do it just like our old house because I loved it so much. 
 Our formal dinning room, thanks to Chris' sweet parents who sent us their old furniture!  We look so grown up with this and are very thankful!
 The kitchen...kind of messy but you can see we are enjoying it!
 Oh the playroom now, with toys all over of course.  It is still a work in progress but she is loving it.  I need to get cute bedding for her big girl bed and we need to hang a few things so they are off the floor. One day it will look great!
The newest addition to our house, our new kitchen table.  We sold the old one with our house and have used a card table for the past 4 months!  We are loving it so far.  

Well there are a few boxes still left to go through.  Then the task of decorating our new place....but I promise soon better pics will come!

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Romantic Savy said...

Love your new home! Very pretty! And those two walls are amazing!!!!!! I need to keep stuff like that in mind for when we buy a house!