Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Month

I cannot believe that we have been in our house for a MONTH already!  Man time does go by quickly.  I would love to say it looks like a home that has been lived in for years, but we are far from that!  What I can say is that there are only 8 or so boxes still full of stuff.  Mostly hidden away in the guest bedroom, you know that random not sure where we are putting it stuff!

As far as decorating is going...Chris' mom and little sister came down about a week after our move in date. They helped unpack boxes like crazy.  Riley helped by playing with H so we could get stuff done.  I am sure it wasn't the most exciting trip down, but it was very helpful.  Then my mom helped me get Miss H's baby room all put together this past week.  As in we finally have hung something on our NEW WALLS!!

proof that we hung stuff..
I have been debating hanging stuff because, yes I'm crazy and didn't want to put holes in our new walls. But I just didn't want to mess it all up.  So I was very thankful to have mom her to help me sort things out and hang stuff.  I plan to move on to the living room next, YIKES.  I still feel like I am figuring out what we need and want.  I think it takes a bit to get the feel of your house before you can just be decorated.  My goal is to have things all finished up by July! We will see how that goes.  I know it is making Chris crazy that I haven't picked out more stuff.  But I just want to know I LOVE it not am settling with it.

Let's see this first month I feel like we have done a lot though:
We hosted our first party on Cinco de Mayo
We had our first major tornado/hail storm
We had both families come and stay
We met new wonderful neighbors

All in all I can say this... we LOVE our new home, love our new little neighborhood, love our new town, and love our new little chapter in life.  Miss H really loves it here.  She runs through the house to and from her playroom.  She also loves having a yard! Life in the country is wonderful!  I wouldn't change a thing.  Promise I'll post more pics as we get things squared away here.

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The Clements Crew said...

Congrats! I'm so glad you are loving it. Can't wait to come take a tour. :)

And I totally know what you mean when you don't want to put holes in the walls!

We have been using the Command Velcro strips. You can buy them anywhere and they are awesome! They hang up to 16 pounds. We even used them for our big antique windows in the living room. They pull off just like the command hooks, and don't leave holes in the wall! We've used them for everything!

Just a tip. :)