Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A family full of COLOR!!

Nothing says family like a family FUN RUN full of COLOR!!  2 weekends ago (yes and I'm just blogging about it) my sweet family came to check out the new homestead!  I would love to say the trip was all about our new house but really it wasn't.  Instead it was all about the Color Me Rad run.

We had the best time "running" the race! Okay it really was a blast and I am so glad my sweet nephew B wanted to do this.  Mom enjoyed it too!  Besides the color run it was great spending time with my family.  I love that we have a house big enough for everyone to sleep at.  No more hotels for the family....we even cooked out and just enjoyed the yard.  Can't wait for more trips like this one!!

Here are a some pictures from our crazy run:

 Here are the "twins" before the race...poor H was a sleep in the car!
 Little Bear and I before the run! The crazier you look the better!!!
 Mom and I sporting the tutus Abby and Little Bear wore at another color run.
 The whole gang before the race. (not my best pic...yuck fat baby belly still)

We found the YELLOW!!

 B after the race...what a colorful mess!

 The color bombs going off by the dj!  Oh and did I mention that B loved it even more because he got picked to go up on stage and shoot the canon!!  His dreams came true right then and there!!!
 Shooting the goodies out into the crowd!
 Brian and B up on the stage! 
 B with the Color me Rad DJ!! He was so excited! 
 ....the AFTER!!! Baby G had so much fun he fell asleep!
 Another After picture just before we all went in to shower.  P.S. it takes about 2-3 showers to get all the color off!! 


Kara said...

That pic of Brooks with the goggles on and All colored up... Just killed me! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Fun times!!!!