Thursday, May 16, 2013

Miss H is 16 months old!

Harper you are SIXTEEN months old!

This month you weigh (guessing) almost 20 lbs.  You are now 29  1/2 inches long or so! You are wearing a size 3 diaper.  You are in 12 month clothes but some 12-18 month fit too.  Your little bottom is so skinny things fall right off.   

Monthly stats:

FOOD: Mommy's good little eater!! 

Sippy Cup: You still love your water....but recently you have been obsessed with water bottles.  Any time we go outside you have to have a small baby water bottle.  You will fuss and fuss for them.

Smiling: Such a happy little girl! This past month you have even started smiling at the camera when I say cheese!! I love it

Talking:  You say momma, dada, uh-oh, hi, more, mum mum (your favorite snack), hot, and papa.  Your new words this month are: bob bob, dog, and the sound for a cow, lion, lama, dog, cat, and elephant. You are trying to copy tons of words...soon you will be talking in sentences! 

Sign language:  You still can sign back to us dog, ball, water, milk, more, eat, all done, please, baby, banana, thank you, cat, hot, cheese, bread, play, gentle, elephant, bird, paci (you made your own sign for this one), music, cracker, bread, apple, help train, truck, bus, and  flower.  Your new signs this month are bubble, airplane, monkey, bug (you made up!), and music .   I love how you make your own signs so we can communicate. You amaze me daily at how quickly you pick things up! 

Obsessions:  Water bottles, airplane, and trains!  You can hear an airplane or train from miles away...then begin to look around for it!  Once you see the plane you want to watch as it flies by.  Trains are the same but we often can only hear them! That stress you out a little because you want to see it!

Observer:  You want things to be just so and can't stand it if they are off a little.  You also want all of your people to stay together.  Example if you, me, BB, and dad all go out and BB goes to get something you get all worried because she is not with us the whole time.  I love that you get worried and want us to stay together.  You still love to sit and watch others around you. 

WINSTON and BOB: The love is still there.  BOB BOB poor sweet Bob have learned that you can "pick" her up.  At least you try to pick her up and I am almost 100% certain that Bob is not a fan.  She is going to learn to run from you soon.  Maybe you will also learn how to nicely pick her up.  Winston loves playing chase with you when you have his toy.  He can make you giggle and giggle it is so dang cute. 

Sleep: Sleeping in your new room is going great!  The first night you were out cold and daddy even went in to check on you.  You are finally a pretty sound sleeper.  I think now that we have a house where you don't hear every noise you can get some great rest.    

Your hands: You are mastering the spoon...well at least you think you are.  You now will only eat your yogurt on your own with a spoon.  I think about 50-75% of the yogurt makes it into your mouth, the rest looks great on your face, hands, and hair!  It does wonders for younger looking skin :-)  

Mouth:  Tooth count- 12!  MOLARS!!! All I can say is I HATE molars they were the worse teeth for you.  However you now have 2 sets on top and bottom really upping the tooth count this month. 

Your legs:  Walking, running, and jumping.  Those skinny little legs can do it all now!  You are also becoming a little climber!  I love your little legs but man do they have bruises all over them.  Exploring the world is hard work.

Bath time: You love bubbles in your tub.  Oh and yes you are still in the baby tub in the big tub.  Mommy is going to be brave next month and let you out into the big tub.  I am so glad you love your bath it makes ending our nights so fun.

Giggles:  I can not get enough of your little giggle.  You make everyone smile with that sweet sound!!

Dislikes: Not getting what you want!! Not getting a water bottle every time you ask for it.  Not getting to go outside 24/7. 

You had a few FIRST this month! 

Your first trip to the Amarillo Zoo!
Your first time at a jumpy (Jump and Jive)
Your first major head injury (hit your head on a door at PaPa's work)
Your first time to meet your cousin Kyndal
Your first pair of Crocs for the yard!!

Favorite toys this month are pretty much the same:

Books, Books, Books: You are loving your books this month

OUTSIDE, you are loving our new backyard

Every month I am amazed by you.  You are like a little sponge absorbing the world around you.  You make my world complete.  I love how you give great big hugs and kisses! Daddy loves it too!! We love you to the moon and back!

Your SECOND Year!

Your FIRST year!

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If BB wondering off stresses her out, God help her! She's in for a lot of stress! :-)