Monday, June 10, 2013

Elephants, Bears, and more

H ready to see the animals...asking where they are??
This past week Miss H and I met up with our friends LK and Carrie for a long OVER DUE Zoo trip!   We have tried to take the girls to the zoo for almost 2 months now.  You know how life gets crazy!! The girls had a blast and so did the mommy's.

Thankfully it was the last day of school for FWISD, thus the zoo was pretty calm.  Also we had amazing weather which made life much better.  The girls were so dang cute looking at the animals and hugging on each other.  Miss H loves to hug, can't say her friends enjoy it as much!  She's a lover!!

Here are some pictures from our trip.  We will have to go back soon....or when LK and Carrie return from their month vacation :-(

The elephants are one of H's favorite animals!  
Here they are checking them out... 
LK would actually touch the figures, Miss H was scared to death of them! So ODD! 
Enjoying the white tiger 

oh and BEARS!! 

Miss H with her money to feed the birds...she loves them so much! 
She wanted to pet this guy so bad!! 
LK liked them from a distance!  

 I love this pic of LK its like she is dancing with the Kangaroo
Instead of touching the "FAKE" kangaroo Miss H was checking out this ugly bird. 

 Good bye zoo see ya next time!!

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