Monday, June 03, 2013

Favorite SUMMER things party!!

all the goodies
I have been wanting to use some of my "pinned" items on my pintrest board.  Thus I began with a party one of course!  I mean who doesn't love a party??  I saw this idea on another blog and just thought it would be the perfect way to kick of summer!

Since my friends all have 1 more week of school I thought it would be fun to kick it off with a bang.  I invited 5 close friends.  (You don't want to have too large of a group to keep cost down for all)  Each person brought 1of their favorite SUMMER item under $8.00 for each guest. (you would have 5 of the same gifts to give out)

I thought this would be easy...but man was I wrong.  I had the hardest time picking out an item.  After much searching and contemplating I was set on my item.  I chose a tumbler that is freezer ready...this way my drinks stay cool all summer long!

Each guest brought their 5 gifts all wrapped up.  I provided wine, beer, and snacks (all though a few of them brought stuff too..and shouldn't have).  We basically just sat around and enjoyed catching up on our busy lives! Then the fun really began once we started opening gifts.  I am impressed with how great this party went, being the first one and all!

Here is just a small portion of all the goodies I walked away with.  Some brought items for their favorite summer drink, other their favorite lounging around was a blast!  If you have a free weekend I really recommend this.  I know I loved hosting the party, but everyone loved walking away with new goodies and ideas.  We plan to have many more parties, one for each season is a must!  I mean you could go so far with this FAVORITE: make up, scent, drink, holiday...I could go on and on!  Now gather up your girlfriends and party on!
 Of course Miss H had to try everything out once she got home and saw it all!  Little cutie!!

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