Saturday, June 22, 2013

Parties parties parties!

This past week was a pretty busy one here!  2 of my favorite teacher friends retired, whoo whoo!!! I am always excited to welcome anyone to the NON-TEACHING club! I mean now we can have lunch anytime and not worry about school or 30 minutes to scarf down our food...ah a teacher's life.

Congrats to two AMAZING women... FWISD has no idea what next year will be like without you!  You have shaped and touched more lives than you even know about.  Thank you for caring about all children no matter what!!

Our first party was for Donna, she is a hoot! I love that woman because she is the teacher you will never forget.  She loves helping kids out, but will tell you the kind of lady.  Donna is a true teacher...I mean she taught 5th graders for gosh the past 7 years that I have know here.  I would never and yes I said never teach a HORMONAL age like that.  I love my sweet babies who still cry when they get in trouble.  Really she was wonderful with them.  They knew exactly what where and how things were to be done..pretty sure they would eat me alive.  I admire her for the crap she has put up with over her years!  There were about 5 of us who hosted the party and it was surprise!  We had it at our local happy hour location to keep things under wraps!  I was so excited to see everyone who turned out to show her just what a wonderful teacher she was.
waiting for Donna to get there...

The shock...ha ha got ya 

 Just some of the lovely ladies that have all taught with Donna...we may not all still be teachers or at the same school but friends always!

The host

and one sleepy baby girl! 

The second party was for Carey! Oh sweet Carey she will always be a great role model to me.  She was one of the sweet teachers who took me in when I was just a new little teacher.  You know I had no idea about real teaching...well Carey was a PRO! She is the most organized and perfect teacher I have ever seen.  Rarely have I heard her voice raise above a sweet talking voice.  She is the one who can control sweet kinder students by the look of an know the teacher you always want to be like!! I love her for helping make my teaching career such a success.  She will always be a dear friend to me! Her party was actually held here at the house...there were about 8 people who helped host it.  I was in charge of the house, YIKES!!  But let me tell you those other ladies were amazing..they came right in and made our pretty blank slate of a house (I still haven't hung stuff up..ahh) look amazing.  The party was such a great success!  Also I now know that my house works pretty good for large groups, which I'm super pumped about (watch out Chris many more parties to come)  I am so thankful that the gang trusted in our "just moved in" style to be looking good enough to host such a special event.

Thankfully one of Carey's family members was in charge of pictures..because between greeting, chasing Miss H, and such I FAILED at that!!  I have a pic of the cake and well that is about it! BOO!

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