Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Circus Time…

We ended our spring break fun with the circus!!  Miss H was so excited that the circus was coming to town.  We bought our ticket seriously 3 weeks early when H heard them talking about it at story time.  I don't think Miss really understood what the circus was.  I told her all about what was going to happen.  The morning the circus arrived the invited everyone to come out and watch the elephant put the big tent up.  OMG Miss H was over the moon about getting to go.  Seriously friday night I could hardly get her to bed she was so excited.

Saturday morning we woke up and at breakfast.  Sadly it was a little misty out but the circus was rain or shine!!  We went up and watched as they prepared the whole area.  They set up in the park area next to one of the schools.  Miss H had a blast…she loved getting to see the animals and then watch Lisa the elephant put up the main 4 poles!!

After the tent was up and we finished the tour I had to take my KICKING and SCREAMING baby home because she didn't want to leave.  I tried to explain that the circus didn't start until 2 and it was 10 am.  Seriously H has never thrown a fit like that…normally I can reason with her!  I think she thought we would never come back.  Then I remembered we needed some money so we could ride the elephant.  When I told her we had to go to the bank so she could ride the elephant she quickly sat in her car seat!!  Oh the love she has for elephants.

Once 1 rolled around we took off for the circus…H screaming with excitement!! When we got there the first thing she wanted to do was ride the elephant.  Of course why not?  I mean how often do you get this chance right??  My sweet friends son was joining us at the circus too so he joined us for the ride.

After the elephant ride, which I was worried we wouldn't get her off!! But I asked if she wanted to ride the pony and she was ready to move on. :-)  After our rides we were ready for the show!  We had a blast Miss H was in awe of many things. She did NOT like the clown that was running around, but everything else was perfect.  Sweet girl had such a blast that she talked about it for weeks.  I am not kidding!  I am so thankful we were able to go to the circus and help out our local school too.  All proceeds went to our local 4H club!  More reason why we splurged and rode some animals and such!  Can't hurt because we are helping the kids.  I am sad Chris was out of town because honestly the smile and joy on Miss H's face was priceless!!  Memories we will never forget. Here are the pics from our fun!!

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