Sunday, April 06, 2014

Washington D.C.

(this is a long post with tons of pics, just so you are warned)

As you can remember from a few post back…since I have not been a fast blogger these past few weeks! Chris was awarded Centurion and thanks to that he won a trip from AXA!  Whoo Whoo!!  Sadly since Chris is a manager they have not had any opportunities to win trips, but thankfully this past year there was one!!  Washington DC was this trip and well I have never been to DC.  I know right everyone's 5th grade or 8th grade class takes a trip there it seems like.  Well I chose Spain when I go the choice and now I am getting DC.  Chris and I have been planning this trip for at least 3 months!  When we go the news that he won it my sister was quick to ask for Miss H!!  I am so thankful she loves our little girl so much…okay that all of her clan does!  Plus Chris and I have only left her once back last February!  Then she was 13 months and didn't really understand we left her.  This time she did, we have been talking about it for about a month.  I would tell her that she was going to Queen Tia's (my sister) and getting to stay with her cousins while mommy and daddy went on a trip.  At first she would ask to come but after our spring break fun she stopped asking.  I guess she realized they were more fun than Chris and I ha ha

Regardless I am thankful she was so excited to go to Queen Tia's.  The morning I drove her down she wanted to leave much early than planned.   Once we got to my sisters she said, "Okay mommy go bye bye now…" I was hurt but happy all at once.  I stayed the night and left the next day where I had to force a hug out of her because she was so busy playing!  Again so happy she was so comfortable and happy to be with her cousins!!  Also very grateful that my sister who has 3 kids 10 yrs, 6 yrs, and 19 months…oh and prego with number 4 didn't mind adding one to her clan for 6 days!!

Chris and I had an early flight on Wednesday and let me tell you how nice it is to travel solo no baby!  Not that I mind the whole security and such as I do the plane part!!  Let me say this first Miss H is an amazing traveler and I wouldn't trade her in for anything.  However, it was so nice to just walk on the plane, sit down, read my magazines uninterrupted…and sleep if I wanted too!  I was so excited just for that part of the trip.  It's the little things that make me happy :-) I also was excited about eating a meal without making or cutting up someone else's first, and sleeping in!! AHH  What excitement!

Just kidding I was totally excited about many things in DC those other are the no kid excitements!!  We began our first day by just walking around the area…we walked up to the White House and checked out a few places around it. Just kind of got situated with everything and where it was.

 Did I mention we are still doing Flat Stanley!! He came to DC with us too of course. 

Thursday Chris had a meeting in the morning where he got his medal for his award.  He also got to take his picture with the CEO of AXA!!  I will get a copy and post it.  While he worked I slept in and relaxed.  I also planned out a few things I wanted to see.  Once he came back we took off for the White House and National Mall area!!  We walked all the way around Washington DC that day.  Enjoyed the Lincoln Memorial, the reflecting pool, the Smithsonian, the Archives and much more!! Actually looking back I am pretty impressed with what all we accomplished in our day!

After he got his award!! 

 one of the many guard dogs outside of the White House

 in the oval office of course…

 We couldn't get much closer because they were cleaning and repairing cracks…bummer

 Chris was talking to his dad in Minnesota when I took this pic. lol

I was a little sad that the weather was not better for the Cherry Blossom trees!!  Normally at this time they are all blooming, but only a few had bloomed!  Again a double edge sword here…I wanted amazing pictures of them all, but I didn't want the allergies that would have come from them!   A few things I wish I would have researched sooner for our trip..planning tours of the White House and treasury.  Both require advance (6 month for white house, 1 month for treasurey) written request through your local congress person!!  We didn't even have an approved trip 6 months out, boo to that!  Other than that Washington DC was amazing.

This one is for H of course

 The Board Room where we stopped a few times for drinks…and play a few random board games! 

Friday we relaxed a little more since we walked so much the 2 days before!  Plus we had a formal awards dinner that night.  We took the Metro and checked out a few other sites.  I wish we would have had time to see Mount Vernon, save that for the next trip.

Not only are the museums amazing but the buildings there are unbelievable.  I have never seen such massive beautiful buildings.  I think Chris and I both walked around looking up because they are so amazing! A few would remind us of our Boston trip a year ago…If you haven't been to DC I think you should swing by.  It has so much to offer for everyone…there were times I was sad Miss H was not there to see it!  But then I realized she really needs to be a little older plus its another reason to come back.  Chris loved that almost every thing is free to visit too!! Apparently even the Zoo there is free, Miss H would have definitely been there.

After an amazing trip we managed to get home and unpack.  Then went and go our sweet baby girl today!!  I was so excited to see her.  She was adorable and looked at me and said Mommy I come back!!  Then told us all about the great fun she had with Queen Tia and crew!  Of course you know what is happening here now…Queen Tia DETOX!!  But I will take that after all I am pretty sure my sister has had to deal with Auntie Detox a time or two :-)

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