Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Easter was a blast this year with Miss H.  She kind of understood the hunting part more.  She also loved seeing the goodies the Easter bunny left her.  Miss H got her goodies on Easter morning, then did a small little hunt in the back yard.  Since we got in at um 1 am the night before from our Minnesota trip we didn't make it to church.

However, we did make it over to Miss H's friends house for a small Easter brunch.  Meredith and Trey are so sweet for inviting us in for Easter.  The kids had a blast playing and hunting eggs.  Lesson learned 15 eggs each for 3 2 year olds is a lot…next time we go smaller on our egg count.  But boy did they have a blast running around and finding them, it just took a while!   Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with family and friends.

our sweet hostess for lunch

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