Sunday, April 13, 2014

Big Girl time!!

(please note this post is about potty training, so much poo poo and pee pee talk)

My mother has been on my case about potty training Miss H since her birthday in January!! Needless to say the idea of potty training doesn't trill me for a few reasons.  1) We go go go a lot!! 2) I don't want my brand new house destroyed by potty training! 3) She can't be this old right?

Although I don't think in January Miss H was ready for potty training, I have seen more signs lately.  Yes I try like crazy to ignore them.  Until the past 2 weeks…while she was at my sisters she was brain washed that she was a big girl…lol I kid!!  No, my sister did declare she thinks its time!  I mean she would know she has had 2 already potty trained kiddos.  I will say that I too was thinking this since Miss H's newest thing is to take her pants (not diaper) off and then go poo poo.  Immediately after doing this she ask for a new diaper!  She has been taking her pants off for about 3 weeks now…a sure sign she is ready for the big moment.

Therefore when we got home from my sisters last Sunday I found all the training panties that she had given me from when E had potty trained.  Miss H and I chatted about the panties and how to wear them…and such.  We then washed them all up and placed them in her bathroom.  I told her tomorrow she will wear big girl panties and no diaper!  Since we really had no plans until 330 that day it was our best choice.  The day went pretty well!  I set my phone for 20 minutes and EVERY 20 minutes we would rush off to go potty.  If she went then she got 2 jelly beans, whoo whoo!  The day was very successful for our first day.  Sadly my kids tennis program is a location with no potty!! Thus causing an issues when you are potty training so I just let her wear a diaper there.  I know its not ideal and sends mixed signals but what can ya do?

Tuesday I really didn't say much about it because that is our busy day.  We have music class and I do tons of errands since we are in town already.  We did go to Buy Buy baby and buy her a potty to take out in public.  Just one of the fold up kinds…so we can potty while we are at stores and such.  She also picked up some pull ups for when we are in the car.  Then we did our other millions of errands.  No panties really were worn this day.

Wednesday we were panties all day!  She was great…same thing I set my timer and we just went.  She did have one emotional breakdown when she needed to poop.  She wanted to go on the potty so bad but just couldn't do it.  After sitting in the bathroom for 1 hour I called it and said time to take a nap!!  She as pretty worn out and that is more the reason we had a breakdown I am sure.  She didn't want to leave the potty but I threw a diaper on and off to bed.  Of course when she woke up from her nap she pooped in her diaper…but at least it was over.  That afternoon we did go out and she kept strong with the potty training.  Wearing a pull up out in public of course.  I still ran her to the potty every 20 minutes with her going almost every time.  We hit up our favorite spot Target to get some panties from her BB and a reward for a super day of potty training!  She picked a huge ball!!

She only had one accident the whole day!!  Of course it was on the way home in the car since our drive home is longer than 20 minutes and we had just eaten dinner.  Oh well still pretty successful.

After Wednesday I would say we have done pretty good.  I was worried that Thursday would be a bust because we were going to the zoo.  However, she did very good going potty there!  I still have to remind her that she needs to go.  Most of the time she is good with going and sitting.  She has also started telling me if she needs to go before the 20 minutes is up.  She seems to have about 1 or 2 accidents a day…which isn't too bad I don't think.

ha that is a smile face under that paci??

I would be thrilled if we could get pooping in the potty down but she REFUSES!  I mean kicking screaming ugly refuses.  Then she will hold her poop in until her tummy hurts…its a double edge sword let her poop in the diaper and not be in pain or stand my ground!! AHH Thus far I make her sit for at least 30 minutes then give up.  I really think its because she doesn't know how to poop sitting. I know this may sound odd but my child is a squatter…she goes and squats to poop?  I don't know!!  Any poop advice would be happily taken here

All in all after our 3-5 days of potty training I think we are doing pretty good.  We are headed to Chris' parents this weekend so I am pretty sure we will still stick to pull ups in public for that reason.  But once we return I may be brave enough to do panties only!! Fun times over here and most of it spent in the bathroom!  I wish I had a pick of our set up.  We have a stack of books and toys just sitting next to the potty, lol!

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Jen {Pinch Me} said...

Yay Miss H! Come teach Sophia the ways of big girls. Whenever we talk about the potty she tells me that is where Mama goes. One day.