Sunday, June 05, 2011


Such happiness as this day has been just WoNdErFuL!

We began by attending church, which was great as always.  Then had a nice little lunch at Jason's Deli....I know that may not seem AMAZING to you!  However, Jason's is my FAVORITE place in the entire world to eat.  Yes, I could live there and be happy. Chris not so much the fan of Jason's, but let me win today! WHOO WHOO

Next the house!  We had an open house today from 2-4!  I always worry that open houses wont produce any people or have any good come from it.  Thanks to my wonderful friend Alison for allowing us to hang out at her house.  She let sweet Winston chill at her place while the rest of us went to swim. Happiness on that too....98 degrees, we needed the pool to stay cool!

After the open house our sweet realtor called up with great news.  There were people who actually came to look at buying the house.  You know normally it is nosey neighbors who just want to check it out.  But not today!  Whoo Whoo!!  Not only did some of them come to buy, but 2 separate groups loved the house.  I am hoping that they love it enough to see their lives here!  Please let them want to own our sweet home!

Oh and to top off my HAPPINESS today, I just finished GRADES for the YEAR!  WHOO WHOO!!! I can't believe the school year is over as of tomorrow.  My sweet babies are now ready for 3rd grade, YIKES.  All in all the HAPPINESS factor at our house is OVER THE TOP!

Whoo, whoo, we are doing the HAPPY dance over here!  Now let that dance continue when someone buys our house!  Have a great week, I know we will just from today alone.


Kara said...

Cannot believe that you guys have the last day of school on a Monday! Boo to that, but yay that it's your last day tomorrow!

Hope someone buys your house!

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Good day! Pool time and some potential buyers - high five! :) Fingers crossed it works out!

Ana Maria Nedelcu said...