Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring weather and milestones

I normally am very excited about springs arrival.  I mean by this point I am always sick of the cold weather.  However, this year we really never had a "cold" winter...thus making spring kind of sneak up on me.  I don't know where the time went...oh wait maybe a certain baby has stolen some of it.

I am loving everything about spring.  I love seeing the trees and flowers bloom.  I especially love the tulips...since I don't see myself making it to the Dallas Arboretum thanks to my new little one!  I have to enjoy them at any place I can.  TCU I want to thank you for always planting tulips in your long flowerbed.  I love that you are so reliable.  I am making you my new arboretum since I don't want to make the truck over to Dallas.  This Tuesday night I had Chris meet me over there to snap a few of Miss H.  It was a little breezy and Miss H loved playing with her shirt, but we managed to get a few that were pretty cute.

Then of course I tried to get some with Easter Eggs!  Yes, I'm still on my mission of a cute Easter pic.  Thus far just okay pictures.  One thing is for child will be use to a camera in her face, heck I have the dog trained to pose for gosh sakes.

Miss H has hit some fun milestones this week:

Last night we were at dinner celebrating the night Chris and I first met!  When I looked over to check on her I realized she had finally found her THUMB.  She has been sucking on her hand and knuckle, but achieved the full on thumb suck.  I was so I want her to be a paci girl.  Why?  I can take that away, but I can't take her thumb away.  I will keep pushing the paci don't get me wrong.
Please note the paci sitting right there....she took it out! (sorry Iphone pic)

Miss H is really becoming a chatter.  This morning she was just talking up a storm.  I will have to say it is probably the cutest thing in the world.  I love hearing her little voice.  I tried to get a cute video of it, but every time she saw my phone she went silent.  So I had to sneak a video...not the best quality, but you can hear her little voice chatting back to her CrAzY mommy! We had a blast talking!

Oh and did I mention that the past 2 days Miss H has taken her nap in her CRIB!  Yes, I still have her sleeping in our room in the pack and play.  Yes, it kills my mother that I wont move her out.   However, I enjoy being able to see her breath and knowing that she is safe.  I do love the video monitor, but it can't satisfy my crazy SIDS paranoia I have right now.  All that will is being able to touch her tummy and feel her breathing.  I do think she like her crib though, both days she took a good 30-45 minute nap in it!  Oh and when will I move her in full time, um soon! HA, before she is 16 MOM!! Maybe in like 2 weeks, that our goal...okay thats my goal but we will see.  As for now she is by my side where I like her!
Oh and this was on our walk today!

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Aggie98 said...

I didn't move baby Jake until February, so he was 4 months. You are doing great!