Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

This past weekend was a BLAST!  I mean really...I can't remember when Chris and I did anything fun for Memorial weekend.  His wonderful aunt and uncle invited us out to their house.  They live out at Possum Kingdom.  Chris has been out there before but it was a first for Miss H and I.

On the drive there we were reminded of the horrible FIRES that spread across the area last year.  It was so weird to look at the hills of trees...some as alive as nothing happened, others chard and trying to regrow.  The neighborhood where his aunt and uncle live was hit pretty hard.  Actually one whole side of the neighborhood was just ashes...still.  You would look and think it was all rocky and such, but really it was the ash left behind from where a house once was.  All of this was just so sad, but yet you could see all the new progress of rebuilding and regrowing life.

We were so lucky to not only spend time with his aunt and uncle but his two cousins and family too.  I loved getting to be with the girls (Becca, Wendy, and Robin) and relax all day.  Okay well as relaxed as you can be with a 4 month old.  Miss H loved getting to play with Carson too.  Carson celebrated his first birthday while we were there.  What a fun little monkey party he had.  The guys got to enjoy a wonderful WiNdY round of golf too.   The weekend went way too fast...as most do!  I am so glad we ventured out there for the weekend.  Thanks Wendy and Jimmy Joe for the wonderful time.

Here are our many pics..... Did I mention Miss H even got to enjoy her first swim in their pool.  Day one of  testing the water was NOT successful...she SCREAMED! She wouldn't even let me stand next to the pool holding her.  But by day 2 she was in the water enjoying life.

Day one....I was just sitting next to the water.  She was not even touching it!!!  
 Day 2 much happier!
 Oh geezzz me and my "mom" swimsuit please ignore that! But our attempt at a family pic, Miss H was not participating. 
 She had to watch the water the whole time she was in there.  She is such a little analyzer. 

 The family with the birthday boy!
 The cute monkey cupcakes Becca created from Wendy's cupcakes
Carson with his cupcake......mmmm....

 Just some pics of the family with Miss H!

Miss H enjoying the outdoors after swimming!!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday too. 

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