Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Happy New Year

Wow, I can not believe it is a new year already! Also that means my sweet baby girl is almost ONE!! YIKES!! This past year has been so amazing.  We were blessed with our sweet baby Miss H and couldn't have been happier.  We have learned what endless love means and how to become parents.  There is so much that went on I will try my best to do a brief recap:

Miss H is born on January 16 at 8:07 am.  Most of our months was spent learning what life with a new born was like.

February:  Life at home with a baby began to take shape.  Thankfully I had my mom here to help me out while Chris continued to work.  We celebrated our FIRST Valentine's day with Miss H, which is big because as you know I dis like this holiday.  She will be the only reason we celebrate it!

March: Life really became normal this month for us. I think we really had a good routine going with eating, sleeping, and such.   Miss H began napping in her bed this month and also found her voice and thumb.  Oh and the FIRST road trip with Miss H was taken down to my sisters house.  We had a blast!

April: We celebrated H's First Easter in Amarillo with my family.  This was her first flight...she did amazing.  Chris' mom and sister came to visit for the first time since H was born.  We had fun letting them love all over her. Oh and how can we forget the FIRST major blow out diaper that occurred in the car!  Thank you Miss H for welcoming us to parenthood is such a fine way!

May: This was a pretty busy month for us.  Miss H was now 4 months old and moved to her bedroom!!  She also let out her first giggle this month.  Mom, H, and I took a road trip to Austin for the Country Living Fair.  We had a blast...then stopped by my sisters on the way home to top it off.  Chris's older sister Melissa came to town and met Miss H.  Winston blew his knee out...which was not pleasant at all.  Oh and it was my FIRST Mother's Day!! We ended the month with a family trip to the lake...Miss H swam for the first time, she was not a fan really.

June: Happy 2 year anniversary to us!! This month was rough....Winston had his knee surgery and that took a lot out of us.  His 8 weeks of kennel bound began, poor dude!  Chris got to enjoy his First Father's Day which was fun.  Miss H is 5 months and growing quick.  She began sleeping on her tummy, snacking on her toes, and visited the church nursery for the first time.  She had a busy month!

July: We took our annual Roberts/Rock vacation to Boston then Maine.  Miss H did amazing on the very long flight!!  My good friend Wiggy got married too.  Miss H began sitting up on her own and loved meeting her cousins in Maine.  

August: I realized my new job of MOM was official as I DIDN'T start back to teaching this year!  We took our first trip to Minnesota to see Chris' parents.  Then spent time at my sisters because Baby G was born!!  Miss H got to meet her newest cousin...they are going to be great friends I can tell. Winston FINALLY got to spend time outside of his kennel!!  He was so excited to just walk around.  Miss H and I took a trip to A-Town to help mom with her school sale.  Oh and Miss H CRAWLED this month!! Yes, at 7 months she had begun moving...I should have know my life would never be the same.

September:  Miss H began going from a lay to a sit up...then pulled up a few times even!  She also began Mother's Day Out this month which was fun.  We got to enjoy our Scottsdale trip as a family this year!  I got to show H where daddy asked me to marry him.  The 2nd best event of the year OUR HOUSE SOLD!!!

October: Happy a year older to me...ahhh  We moved out of our first home and into our lovely rent home.  We decided to build a house instead of buying one, let the fun begin.  Miss H got dedicated at church and all of our families attended.  Miss H had her first pumpkin patch visit and halloween!!  We had a random road trip to Colorado with my mom and dad this month...H did great on the very long drive.  She also got to meet her Great grandparents for the first time!

November: Happy birthday Chris!! Miss H and Chris spent the first weekend alone while I took a quick trip for tennis.  We all survived!!  This month was huge for H!  She began WALKING!!!  We spent Thanksgiving in MN with Chris family and got to show H all our traditions.  H got to see snow on her First Thanksgiving...and began walking!  Oh and took 2 road trips to my sisters...basically we traveled a lot this month, ha!  

December: Happy FIRST CHRISTMAS Miss H!! We spent Christmas in A-town and got to enjoy snow.  Miss H had a White First Christmas.  She enjoyed everything that came with our traditions...especially cookie decorating!  We got to enjoy our first of many holidays as a family!  What a wonderful year it has been!

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