Saturday, January 05, 2013

Merry Christmas

Better late than never....Merry Christmas from the Roberts!

This Christmas we headed up to my parents in good old A-town.  Man was it a fun trip... I wanted to put up a great wonderful blog about Miss H's first Christmas, but thought a review via pictures  (only a select few...I took about 750) would be better for reading.  

We began our Christmas festivities at good old Big Texan.  My dear sweet husband has been DIEING to go there since we were dating.  He of course thought he could eat the 72 oz in an hour, ha ha ha so I refused to watch that happen.  But this trip we made his dreams come true, NO he didn't go for the 72 ouncer.  We had a fun family dinner there though.  All the kids (even the big ones) had a blast.  
Family pic at the Big Texan

This is what he "thinks" he could eat in an hour...ha ha

My sister and her sweet family (minus baby G)

Miss H enjoying her cowgirl hat her food came in....what fun it was.

Santa even stopped by the table...Little Bear and Monkey were brave, not Miss H!
 We then spent the rest of the trip doing traditonal Christmas things!  First up our annual family Santa picture...Miss H was still not a huge fan.  She had to have daddy sit with her while she took her picture.  However the family picture was pretty good!   Then it was back home for homemade Christmas cookies!!  We have done this since my sister and I were kids with my grandma.  This is one tradition we will NEVER give up thanks to her.  I was super excited to share this with Miss H and can't wait till she really gets into it.  Although she did get to sample some icing...first time ever!  I have been holding out on sweets till her first birthday! 
Look the "twins" Baby G and Miss H in one of their matching outfits.
We laugh because people think they are twins...ha ha ha only 7 months apart.

Waiting to see Santa! 

Our cookie makers...Little Bear was the pro this year she made tons of cookies.  What a great helper!

Miss H icing her first Christmas cookie... then tasting it 

Little Bear....what a cookie pro!

My best friend from elementary school even brought her sweet son to enjoy the decorating.  She and I use to sit at my grandmas and just decorate away...oh the good ol days! We had so much fun.
 Up next was Christmas eve pj's and books! The kids all had matching pj's which were so stinking cute!  Then Chris read the night before Christmas.  After that of course everyone had to leave a cookie for Santa and carrots for the reindeer...then off to bed! 
Sweet cousins ready for bed!  I am so thankful she has them to look up to!

Opening her Christmas eve book to read!

Miss H putting her cookie out for may or may not have lost some icing in the process!

 Christmas morning the kids all got up and waited for the okay to head down the hall to their goodies.  Miss H loved her new goodies and so did Little Bear, Monkey, and baby G. Oh and did I mention that Miss H not only had her FIRST Christmas but it was a WHITE Christmas to.  However, the wind was crazy wild so she didn't get to enjoy that fluffy white stuff this time!  

peeking out to see it they can see any thing

enjoying all the boxes from opening gifts

riding her new Ybike Santa left

Showing us the snow....oh what fun

Sacked out...neither Miss H or Baby G made it through present opening.  Those sweet twins again! 

Miss H and Baby G loving the view and their matching pj's.  We had such a wonderful Christmas with everyone.  Of course it was sad to leave!  I will say it was a perfect FIRST Christmas for Miss H!!

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Abby said...

We had so much fun!! Here is to many many more crowded crazy chaotic Christmases! Love!