Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Miss H is 12 months old!

Harper you are TWELVE months old!

This month you weigh almost 16.12 lbs  You are now 29 inches long! You are about to move up to size 3 diapers.  You are in 9-12 month clothes and finally some 12 months.  You are still in the 10% for weight...but it is because you are so very active! 

Monthly stats:

Nursing: You still nurse about 4 times a day.  Some days you may go without one of your day time feedings...but only if you are super busy playing. This month mommy is going to start winging you...we will see how that goes!      

Eating Solids: You eat almost anything.  You no longer want baby food but instead what ever we have.  You LOVE to eat!!  You are such a good eater that we may go broke feeding you.

Sippy Cup: You love your cup with water only.  I know putting whole milk in there will be a challenge, but let's hope we can get you to like it.

Smiling: You smile all the time. Your smile lights up the room!! I love it.

Talking:  You are really learning to chat it up.  You say momma, dada, uh-oh, and hi. I think I like your Hi the best because of the cute voice you use!   

Sign language:  You still can sign back to us dog, ball, milk, more, eat, all done, please, baby.  Your new signs are banana, thank you, cat, cheese, bread, and play.  I love that you can tell me what you want, it makes mommy's job a little easier.  We will work on many more this month.

Awareness:  You love to sit and watch....then maybe try it. I love how you really learn how things work before you try it.  It makes teaching you new things tons of fun!

Observer:  I am so glad you enjoy checking the world out.  You just amaze me at how you take life in.  Plus you kind of like to be in the middle of

WINSTON and BOB: Winston is on to you...he has learned to RUN when you head his way.  He has also found places to hide when he is done playing with you.  But as sweet as can be he checks the car seat for you the second we walk in the door.  If you are sleeping he will sit and wait for you to wake up.  He loves you so much and you love him.  Bob has really become aware of you this month. You have started to try and pet her more and chase her around the room.  She too is learning quickly what having a sister is like!

Sleep: You do a pretty good job these days.  You love your naps and mommy is happy you still take them so good.  I will be sad when you move to one nap...but for now I will enjoy it!  

Your hands: Those little finger can get anything!  Plus you are really becoming good at dancing and playing music.  We started music class at TCU this month.  You LOVE it so much.  You enjoy playing the drums, rattles, and more.  I love watching you sing and dance in class. 

Mouth:  Tooth count- 5 1/2....You gained 2 new teeth this month both on the bottom.  Thus you have 2 up top and 3 1/2 on the bottom.  I am pretty sure you have 2 top ones about to bust through.  

Your legs:  This legs were made for : walking, dancing, and "jumping"!!  You recently have learned to "jump" where you bend your knees and bounce don't get any air yet but you think it is pretty cool!  Plus you are a major dancer anytime there is music going on.  I love how mobil you are most days...except when you are climbing on things that make me nervous. 

you crack me up....showing me how much you didn't want to do any more pics! 

Bath time:  Every night this time if my favorite.  I love watching you splash and play in the tub.  Yes you still bath in your little tub, but you enjoy it so why change.  Plus it makes mommy happy not to worry about you slipping in the big tub.  Also you have begun cleaning up to finish your bath.  

Giggles:  You are a giggly one!  We love to listen to this sweet laugh.  I also love that now if I am laughing you will too, like you understood what was so funny!     

Dislikes: You have begun to dislike some foods that you use to love...but I think its all a phase at least I hope.  You dislike having to stop playing for a diaper change some days.  You dislike it when you don't get your way...let the little fits begin! 

Things you are almost doing:

Oh gosh try to say more while you sign it! Also you try to jump and I am pretty sure you will be running soon!  You are a busy little one!

You had a few FIRST this month! 

Your first NEW YEAR'S EVE!
You got to enjoy your FIRST BIRTHDAY!!
You went to your first music class at TCU.
You got moved up to the one year old class at MDO.
Your first BIRTHDAY WEEK!!
First major sickness...not fun at all!

annual hat making party for the new year! 
Favorite toys this month:

This little shape carry it around all over the house. 
Your car that Queen Tia and Co gave you for Christmas....we can't keep you out of it!

12 whole month have come and gone, I just can't believe it.  I can not believe that just a year ago you were in my tummy.  We were not even sure if you were a boy or a girl!!  This has been the most amazing year of my life.  You have taught daddy and I so many priceless lesson.  We have learned to love like no love before because of you.  We are so blessed to raise such a sweet caring baby girl.  I know that with each day, week, month, and year our lives will only get better.  Mommy and daddy love you so much, all the way to the moon and back!

For the monthly comparison: 

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