Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter fun...

Wow I am such a bad blogger these days!  I can't believe I didn't blog about Easter yet! YIKES!!!

Let's look back.  On the Saturday before Easter we went to a little hunt up the street at one of the elementary schools.  Of course it had rained like crazy the night before causing it to be a muddy hunt.  Miss H had a blast even with the mud, her mom not so excited about it!  2 of Chris' friends joined us and of course we had to go out and check on the house.  We got to see the new drive way and all the flooring done.

Easter Sunday was pretty low key at our house.  We headed out for church and lunch...then back to pack the house.  Since we were moving in a week we had to get a start on it.  Miss H got to enjoy her Easter basket goodies which was great.  She loved them all!!

Her Easter basket

Her new favorite toy...loves to color on her music station!

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