Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A-Town Zoo

Ready to enjoy the zoo! 

Miss H and I have been having a BLAST here in Atown!  First of all Miss H loves her BB and PAPA!!! She and my dad are hilarious together..of course he always gives her things she doesn't need but that is what grandpas are for right.

We also have been spending some much needed time with my elementary BFF Amber and her sweet boys.  They actually lived in Plano only a quick (ha ha ha) hour trip from us, but have just moved back to A-Town.  We have had a blast hanging out with her and her two sweet boys.  Big E is 2 so Miss H loves to follow in his foot steps and sweet Little E is 6 months old.

Our fun included a trip to the Atown zoo.  Believe it or not neither Amber or I have been to the zoo since we were kids.  Mom, Miss H, Amber's clan, and I all loaded up for a fun morning at the zoo.  We had a blast and man is small town zoo life so much fun.  You can pretty much walk right up to the is crazy!  The kids had a blast oh and did I mention that it was FREE!!  What what, yep on Mondays the zoo is free how great is that.  Of course I went picture crazy but Miss H and Big E are so dang cute together how can you not!
They loved the was very active just walking around the huge cage.  
Can you believe we got so close to these guys.  Miss H was not a fan...she wanted back in the wagon!  E on the other hand was a little more adventurous.  

Of course Miss H was doing the sign for cat when she saw the lions...they were very cute. The 2 females were sun bathing while the "daddy" as E called him was pacing around with a low growl.

Heck if you don't ride in it why not help push it.  They both enjoyed pushing the wagon around. 
Look it is the whole gang checking out the wallabies.  Baby E is even in this one!  

Oh man the goats were so funny.  They were all laying around until E got a piece of grass and put it in the fence.  Next thing you know we had goats every where wanting some grass.

How cute are they both helping to feed the goats.

I think they like the goats the best! 

Time for some fun...Just run free and play time.  The zoo was very low key since it was "free" Monday.  We were the only people once the 2 school buses left.  The kids enjoyed running around and playing on the playground.  

Miss H even got to go down the slide by her self for the 1st time since BB was there to help catch her.   
Of course we all needed a little snack after our fun at the zoo!  Baby E even got in on this one! 
 Oh what a fun time.  If you live in the area I really recommend going.

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