Sunday, April 14, 2013

Homeless we are..

So this past Tuesday we officially became HOMELESS! Thankfully we have great friends and family close enough to bunk up.  Originally we were planning to stick it out in a long term hotel room, but then decided it would not be logical finically.  Thus my husband who still has to continue working during this time is well couch surfing.  He has been sticking out like a champ at various houses and we are thankful his friends are so accommodating.  As for Miss H, Winston, and I well we took off for my parents.  Sweet Bob Bob doesn't do well with change so she is at the vet for the time being.  I  am sure she is enjoying some piece there.  Let's look back a couple of days at our crazy life!!

Tuesday: Spent the whole day with movers packing up and moving things.  Our builder is so wonderful and allowed us to store everything in the garage at our soon to be home.  He made sure the garage was finished out and ready to them!  Thankfully Miss H has school on Tuesday because she was not to happy about her toys being gone.  When I picked her up the truck was almost finished loading up the house.  She took on look and was not so excited!  However, once she saw them unload it into the garage she was a little happier.  Mostly just thankful she had her wagon to ride around in while we waited for them to unload and stack things.  That night we slept in a hotel and boy did we all sleep great!

our house...all in a box

Miss H not so sure about this...but loves signing TRUCK now

Finished up and ready to move.
How our things looked once they were in our new place! 
she was so tired from the move she was passed out...for the night
Wednesday: Miss H and I enjoy the free breakfast at the Hyatt then took off for music class at TCU.  Of course an awful storm was hitting the area and the temps went from 70's to 40's.  Originally our plan was to head to A-town after music.  However, with the weather being awful and A-town getting possible snow we stuck it out here.  We went back to the Hyatt and hung out and napped.  Then we loaded up, went and got Winston (who stayed at the groomers over night), and moved to our next hotel.  Mom was headed back from my sisters so we all got a room (pet friendly) for the night.  Plus I got to take mom out and show her the house which was nice.
Keeping busy with the toys the hotel gives you, ice buckets!

Winston and Miss H enjoying the big window in our new room

The fountain that entertained her for a good hour, thank heavens!
Thursday: Mom, Miss H, and I all woke up and went to grab breakfast.  Before we left we gave Winston his drugs....he gets car sick!  By the time we were done everyone was ready to load up for the long RIDE to A-town.  Miss H did great and slept the first 1/2 of our 6 hours...not so great for the 2nd half.  She was much fussier than I see it is due to teeth.  Poor thing would fall asleep and then wake up 20 mins later screaming!  We were all thrilled to be here in A-town

up and ready to party
Happiness being out of the car!!! Loving her brother too.
Since getting here we have just been enjoying life not in a hotel and with space.  Winston is in heaven with a yard to play in.  Miss H is also loving the yard and learning about grass.  She really hasn't been in it much and its so funny to watch.  When she falls she tries to just stand up without touching any of the cute to watch.  We have spent time with my cousin and her sweet baby, also with my bff who just moved back to town.  Tomorrow we have big plans of hitting the A-town zoo!!! Whoo Whoo

just doing a little grocery shopping for our stay

yes, she thinks this is out of a suite case

 Enjoying time with Papa

As for the house well Friday is the day they say it will be ready, but I am not so sure.  Chris has been doing a great job checking in on it. I feel bad that I have been in charge and now left him to do the final stuff.  However, he is way better at the small things than I am!  Probably best this way.  We should know by Wednesday if we are headed home or sticking around here longer.  Either way I am fine...I love being home with my family.  Miss H loves it too as you can see.  No matter how things go from here we have many memories from the event.  I'm sure we will look back and laugh at it day!

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Ashlan said...

I'm so glad you have a place to stay! And you are getting SO close. Hope Friday is the day!! Your house looks wonderful. Can't wait to see pictures once you have settled in. :)