Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Miss H is 15 months old!

Harper you are FIFTEEN months old!

This month you weigh (guessing) almost 19 lbs.  You are now 29  1/2 inches long! You are wearing a size 3 diaper.  You are in 12 month clothes.   

Monthly stats:

FOOD: You will always love food I think.  However, lately your eating pattern has changed a bit.  You will eat one HUGE meal...and the other meal is more normal.  The funny thing is you never know which meal is your big one.  But you still eat pretty much anything which is great.

Sippy Cup: We found a few 12 month plus Avent cups while packing... you are obsessed with them.  There really isn't much difference but the nipple and size of cup.  However you think it is pretty awesome.  I not so much because they tend to leak more if you drink upside down, which you often do.

Smiling: My social butterfly...always smiling and laughing.  I love it 

Talking:  You say momma, dada, uh-oh, hi, more, mum mum (your favorite snack) and hot.  Your new words this month are: dog and papa. You are beginning to see that you can verbalize things more which is great.  Your new words are very random on when you use them but you can do it.  I love seeing you expand your vocabulary.

Sign language:  You still can sign back to us dog, ball, water, milk, more, eat, all done, please, baby, banana, thank you, cat, hot, cheese, bread, play, gentle, elephant, bird, paci (you made your own sign for this one), music, cracker, bread, apple, and help..  Your new signs this month are train, truck, bus, and  flower.   I love how you make your own signs so we can communicate. You were using train for a train...but then began to use if when you see a truck or bus too.  So it is now a general transportaion sign in our house. Also you now do cracker CORRECTLY.  You now tap your elbow which I am impressed you realized you needed to change it.  We will continue to work on signs while you continue to increase your vocabulary verbally too! 

Obsessions:  BIRDS STILL you are crazy obsessed with birds.  You love to watch them, feed them, and more.  You can sit in our front window and just watch the birds as they come and go from the feeder.  TRUCKS, BUSSES, TRAINS...these are new to our life.  You are loving them.  When we had story time this week you found a truck book and loved it!  Maybe you will be a bit of a tom boy?  Or maybe the move has caused you to realize trucks are around, who knows.

Observer:  Now you are a little more sensitive, not sure why.  But if you see something that doesn't seem right you get upset or fuss.  Yesterday the waiter spilled a little water on the floor by our table while delivering our drinks.  You were not okay with that. You kept pointing at the water, signing water, and kind of fussing about it.  It took me cleaning it up to make you happier! I sure hope you wont be OCD in some areas, yikes.  

WINSTON and BOB: The love is still there.  I am pretty sure Bob is just happy to have a break from you this month.  Winston well he has gotten to where he just deals with you laying all over him. I love watching you chase him down just to give him a hug or a kiss!  You love him so much.

Sleep: Well this month has been so much better now that your teeth are not bothering you.  However, the end of the month has been a little off as we have been moving.  I expected as much.  No worries though once we are back home in the new house I am sure you will be a little sleeper.  Right now you just tend to get up around 5am...then sleep with me for a bit more.  I'm not going to lie I love our snuggle time.    

Your hands: You are still trying to fine tune that whole self feeding thing.  You have really been working hard on using your spoon and fork more.  However most of the time you just hold it and use the other hand to eat!  One day it will all work out.  

Mouth:  Tooth count- 8 Your top front tooth is finally all the way in.  You are beginning to get some bottom molars but they haven't pushed through yet.  I dis like molars more and more these days.  

Your legs:  I think we can officially say you have a run.  I have found that you can pretty much speed off these days faster and faster.  You do a pretty good job of keeping on your feet but still fall if you get to going too fast.  Grandpa Steve bought you some new sandals and they haven't slowed you down a bit.   You also may have gotten "air" on one of your jumps...but I didn't see it your daddy did!

Bath time: Our baby tub may have to go soon.  Daddy taught you a new trick this month (thanks daddy) He showed you how to enjoy the water fall while in your tub.  Now you want the water fall all the time.  (basically water falling from the faucet) You also love having bubbles in your bath now too! You actually ask for them, which is again your own special sign!

Giggles:  Your giggle makes my heart smile.  I don't know how anyone could not smile when they hear a sweet baby giggle.  You love to try and laugh now when we do.  You are so funny! I love that you try to be funny and make us laugh also! 

Dislikes: You dislike not having your way...typical! You also dislike getting out of the bath...I have to drain your water out now.  You are randomly sensitive about noises now.  If you don't know where it came from you are not happy. I blame that on the tape gun from making boxes for packing.

You had a few FIRST this month! 

Your first Easter Egg Hunt!
Your second MOVE!
Your first time being homeless :-)
Your first time having Daddy pick you up from MDO

Favorite toys this month are pretty much the same:

Books, Books, Books: You are loving your books this month

BOXES, I just don't know why??

15 months going on 30! You are such a big girl these days.  I love that you are more independent, but sad at the same time.  You are just starting to see that you can push the limits too!  You definitely keep mommy and daddy busy but we wouldn't have it any other way.  We are very luck and blessed to be your parents.  I am thankful you are such an easy going little girl, making our move much easier on mommy! We love you to the moon and back!

Your SECOND Year!

Your FIRST year!

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