Monday, April 01, 2013

Moving along, no april fools here

I have tried like 10 times to sit and blog but we are busy, busy, busy over here.  A lot has happened this past month with our house and our rent house! Lets begin with the fun stuff...our new home!

Here are the most recent pictures from this past week.  They have been so busy out there.  We now have painted walls, stained cabinets, tiled floors, tiled bathrooms, and more. I can't believe how amazing it all looks.  I love it all!

 my desk in the kitchen nook
 our counters and cabinets all finished up

The living room and entry way...our gray walls 
guest bath 
dinning room window...gray in the sunlight 
 kitchen sink
Miss H's bathroom tile for floor and shower 
our master  
my mud room it 
the beginnings of  our shower 
Chris' vanity  

and our bathroom floor tile

Things are still moving...up next we have light fixtures, showers and baths almost complete, and a driveway! Post on that to come soon!!

For the RENT house fun!!!  While Miss H and I were in Colorado our rent house sold.  Yes, we knew they were going to sale it...but didn't realize it would go so quickly.  Needless to say we have tried to ask the buyers to allow us to say till the 15 of April...when our home is done! But they are not having it..since our lease was up April 9th.  Thus we are going to be HOMELESS come April 9th.  Talk about FUN TIMES!  I mean come on what kind of people can't let us rent back for a week.  You can imagine how I feel about those people....

We have been busy over here looking for movers and boxing up the house.  I HATE moving more than anything in the world and now to have to move but not be in our home is even worse.  Our builder is wonderful and working to get the house done quicker...but we keep getting little snags like back ordered items.  Guess we will be staying a hotel for a bit.  Picture it now dog and cat that HATE each other plus baby in a hotel for at least 1 to 2 weeks...FUN times!   If anyone has a good suggestion I am beyond open to it.  Yes, I did plan to pack up and head to my sisters...but then who would be here to meet people at the house.  Chris has to work and well H and I go out about once a day to meet with workers! AHHH the craziness of it all! I only wish this was a crazy April fools joke too! 


Anonymous said...

Hey Emily. Have you checked into corporate rentals, furnished or apt for 2 week rental?

Anonymous said...

You'd think the house owners would have set the closing two weeks later. Would have been the easiest thing and good for everyone.