Friday, October 18, 2013

Shop, shop, shopping

Birthday weekend was spent SHOPPING till we drop...for Mom , Miss H, and I!  We began the fun at Christmas in Cowtown!  Last year mom and I went for the first time.  We had a blast so of course we had to go this year.  Thankfully a friend gave us some tickets to enter!! The sale opened on Thursday at 11 so we had to be there ready to shop.  Plus the first day is the best day to see all the goodies.

We had a blast bought many goodies and got great ideas on new decorating ideas.  Miss H loved it too she enjoyed all the toys and such around.  Plus they decorate with these great boots.  Which one do you think was our favorite, Santa or the Zoo one?? Hum

Friday mom and I woke up bright and early and took off to CANTON!!  I haven't been in years nor had mom so we thought why not? The weather was perfect a little overcast and cool.  I am so thankful for that since H was with us.  She was a trooper like normal, enjoying strolling and walking along.   

We began by hitting up the back fields...where all the "junk" is found.  Mom and I enjoyed looking through the acres of stuff. We did find some great buys out there too.  Then after lunch we did more of the "shop" areas in the pavilions.  There are so many cute things out there I wish I could have bought them all.  Instead I walked a way with  cute Halloween decor, a huge measuring stick for children's heights,  some items for Miss H's birthday, and more!  Mom got some cute columns, an old gate topper, an old store sign, and some other odds and ends.  All in all it was a super day....great weather, great shopping, and a pretty happy baby!!

Miss H taking a nice little nap as we shopped

mmm lunch time

oh the goodies..loaded up

Miss H is happy she has a car seat or she may have had no room!
Saturday we didn't do much just kicked it here and town and went out for my birthday dinner!  Oh and did I mention when we got home Friday night my wonderful husband had broken his foot! AHH yes he stepped off the back fireplace wrong while covering his tv...and crack goes the foot!   We let Chris sit home and enjoy a day of R&R till dinner.
birthday dinner..

Sunday began the "building project"  My sweet momma saw this super cute lemonade stand at a garage sale and of course I wanted one for H's birthday!!  Moms are the best really so she brought down fence post with her for our project.
 This is the cute one my mom saw...

Once we got all our materials we were off and running!! Here are some pics from our work as we built Miss H a milk and cookies stand for her birthday!

Day 1

Day 2
 Someone found their tools and started helping too!

 I love this showing H how to put the nail in just right! 

Day 3

It's not 100% complete but almost.  I still need to add her cute little Milk and Cookies sign to the stand as well as pendents.  My mom is AMAZING! I can't tell you how much I love that she is a go getter.  Honestly it wouldn't have been made without her.  

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Jen {Pinch Me} said...

Those boots are so fun and I love how crafty you and your mom are. Your milk & cookies stand is amazing!
I can't believe your husband broke his foot! How long does he have to be a boot for?