Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend visitors

This past weekend Chris' best friend, Z came to town.  They were here for a wedding.  Actually Z's whole family was in town.  Miss H loved having them here and learned how to say "uncle" while they were here.  We normally only see Z and his sweet fiancé Kelly in AZ on our Labor day trip.

What fun to have them here in our area…okay so they were in Dallas but close enough right?  We spent Thursday afternoon with them and then again on Saturday.  We had a blast…Thursday Z and Chris were suppose to golf but they had some flight issues so that didn't work out. However, it was nicer this way because Miss H and I got to see all of Z's family not just him and Kelly.  We had a nice lunch with them.

Then on Saturday we took off early and meet them for a brunch and a trip to the Dallas Aquarium.  We have not been to the aquarium so this was new to us all.  I have had many friends say it is wonderful.  We had a blast and it was pretty there.  We saw so many animals and plants.  It is kind of funny because I don't view it as an aquarium though…more a zoo with mostly reptiles, birds, and fish.  They do have a jaguar though…however we couldn't see it! BOO to that!!

AS you know with me many pictures are to follow!! 

the cute monkeys hanging in the tree

 Uncle Z loving on Miss H!! Can't wait for him to have his own kiddo to spoil :-) H loves him!!

 A cute toucan like bird and the sloth…he wouldn't move I was a little sad about that! 

Miss H and her cup! 

 She was to involved with that baby "chomp chomp" to look away! She loves alligators currently. 

 I love this little mini owl..I wish we could take him home! So.dang.cute!
 Yes that is a real live crab…he was HUGE as H would say! She wasn't really a fan
 All of us under the arch of sharks and such…

 I love how both Chris and H are looking up in awww of this guy. He didn't move the whole time we were there! We enjoyed watching his mouth and such as he laid there.
 Kelly and Z…cute as can be!

 Z photo bombing my picture nice work!!
 Our family pic..of course not one fish swam behind while H was smiling! Oh well

 Oh and sweet Z's family all dolled up for the wedding!! Loved seeing them! 

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Jen {Pinch Me} said...

Aquarium? Really? Those pics make me think it is much more of a zoo! Love the sharks and rays though. Can't wait to take S to our aquarium - she loves the manatees at our zoo.