Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Music and Treats!

This week our music class allowed the kiddos to wear costumes…but more importantly they let us take pictures.  We are only allowed pictures on the last day so this was big! Any ways the kids looked so dang cute! I loved seeing everyone in their costumes.  

Here are our 4 close friends all decked out! LK and E are cousins they dressed up as Pebbles and Bam Bam, T our neighbor came as a cheerleader, and Miss H wore her octopus proudly.  She did however, have to ditch the "hat' in order to play the drums properly!

Daddy had to come check it all out too! 

 Miss H busy on the drum going to town! She loves music so much!!

 This is my favorite one…typical picture with 4 kiddos under 2!!  But look at H's cute smile! HA HA HA

After music we came back home for a bit! Carrie and LK invited us to join them at the TCU halloween trick or treating.  We had to be well rested for the fun, lol.  What a blast it was too.  The kids got to trick or treat down the dorm halls.  The sweet little college girls all dressed up and decorated their whole hall.  Then they had games and crafts to enjoy!  Miss H had a blast with LK and E!! Can't wait to do it again next year. 
 A little pep talk before the big event! 

 Miss H trick or treating in the halls! 
 The kiddos picking out their pumpkin…we opted out on the painting part! 

 Miss H found her's!! An attempt to get them all together at the end! Love it!

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