Thursday, October 17, 2013

Visitors....we love them!

Birthday week got started off wonderfully over here!  My best friend from elementary school came and stayed 4 days with us.  She has 2 super sweet boys, 2 and 10 months old!  Miss H and I were over joyed to have them here.  Amber and I always chatted as kids about getting older, married, and raising our kids together.  Of course in my head that meant we would live in the same town...which was true until this past October.  Amber's family moved back home for her husband's job...and I was sad! But we still get to raise our kids together just from a little more distance!

Let's see where do we start: Monday we met them for lunch, then helped them settle in for naps and such.  That day was pretty chill just playing and catching up.  The kids loved playing in the playroom!! Miss H loved having them here to play with.  Then that evening we went up to our high school for the homecoming parade!  FREE FUN for all!!!
Big E pushing Miss H for fun...everyone got a try

Sweet Little E playing away...chasing the big kids!

Tuesday was our busier day....we headed out pretty early for the zoo!  Of course we had to take them to see baby Bell and baby Bowie (the baby elephants).  To say the kids had fun would be an under statement!  They had such a great time we stayed longer than planned...making for some hungry kids on the 30 minute ride home!  Everyone made it home, ate, and went straight to bed!! Perfect for us we got some good old KID FREE time!!

Wednesday We took them to the local diner for breakfast.  The train tracks run right next to it...but wouldn't you know not ONE train went by.  Never has that happened...only because both Miss H and Big E wanted to see it!! GRRR.  Then we just played around the house all morning! The kids really just loved hanging out and playing.  We played outside riding bikes and enjoying the cooler weather.  Then after the afternoon naps we took them to ride the mini train!  OMG Big E was in heaven!! He loves trains and couldn't have been happier. But heck a train, popcorn, and friends would make anyone happy right?  After the train we BrAvEd dinner OUT!! Amber was missing some local foods that aren't back home so we thought we would enjoy a night out.  Yes, I know you are thinking we are crazy....dinner out with 3 kids 2 and under!  I am pretty sure that the people we sat next too felt the same way...until 1/2 way through our meal.  They said to us, "what well behaved children you have" of course we knew dinner out wouldn't be a problem...we are their moms!! However, it is always nice to see other people can appreciate nice children at dinner too!  The kids ate like champs and even enjoyed a little ice cream for dessert!

Sweet E is holding H's hand because she was nervous since the train engine was going!  Love this picture even thought they are all looking everywhere! Good memories! 

I caught H holding Little E's hand on the way home

This is what the car looked like every time we headed out...3 little ducks in a row!

Thursday was a sad day...Amber and crew left us!  The only thing that made this even bearable is that my mom was here.  She drove up late Wednesday night for my birthday weekend! Miss H was sad to say good bye to her friends!!  I hated watching her drive away knowing the next time we will get to play is at Christmas!  However she knows our house is ALWAYS open to them coming back out anytime!

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