Friday, December 20, 2013

Breakfast with Santa

Last Saturday our sweet friends Carrie and Mike invited us to join them at a charity event.  They are the best for thinking of us.  Miss H and LK play together a lot so this was another fun event the girls got to do together.  Carrie and I went to high school together so we love that our girls are friends too.  The event was Breakfast with St. NICUlas it was benefiting a local NICU. Of course you know that I have a new found sympathy for any family that has to be in the NICU after our PICU stay with Miss H last January.You can read more about it here.  Needless to say this events donations will help many families who need it!!

The event was amazing to say the least.  There were children everywhere enjoying great music and fun.  We began our breakfast by taking our picture with Santa.  Miss H still didn't want to sit on his lap.  She promised not to cry if I would go with her.  LK also felt the need for her mom to come.  We tried to get a picture of the girls first…then did our family picture.  I am hoping we got a good one but who knows!!
This pic is going down in the books for sure…trying to get both of them to just sit! 
Well at least they aren't crying anymore!
After our picture fun we moved on to food.  That perked Miss H up right away…such a little food lover! The food was wonderful and kept Miss H pretty happy.  She really was loving everything.  After we ate we roamed around doing various things.  You could go to the photo booth, pin booth, decorate a cookie, make a craft, see the reindeer, and dance.

We began with the reindeer.  Both Miss H and LK were in love with Dancer.  I learned a lot of interesting facts about reindeer while the girls looked at it.  H did try to touch Dancer at one point…I quickly explained that it may not be the best idea!  After meeting Dancer we made a few buttons.  I love this one…because how often are there buttons around anymore.  I mean when I was a kid your parent wore your sports button at games and such.  H made a few buttons and loves to look at them!

I took a pic while the button guy was taking his…She had a silly smile!!

While we were there we ran into the my super sweet OBGYN…I adore her! She couldn't believe how big H was…and neither can I.  Then we did some cookie decorating and dancing.
In front of one of the big trees

Oh and did I mention that there were 2 guys walking around on stilts…H was not sure about those guys at all.  I really wanted a pic of her standing by their shoe for a size comparison, but she would not do it.  Oh well such as life.  This was such a fun outing for our family.  We are so grateful that they invited us to come.  Plus Carrie and I will have some great THROW BACK THURSDAY pictures for the girls to use one day! If that is still cool then, ha.

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